Aromatherapy Body Mist Mini Pack

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A mini collection of natural aromatherapy body mists that have been hand-blended and mindfully curated to support mind-body balance. 

Our aromatherapy mini pack is the perfect way to try the range, before committing to a full-sized bottle. Perfect for travel, keeping on your desk at work or tucking into your purse for a little plant-therapy rejuvenation anytime, anywhere.

The sprays come in a luxury white gift box - great for forwarding on as a gift or alternatively keep the box and use it to organise all your stationery/bits and bobs.

100% natural, hand-bottled and slow produced in small batches at Sugarloaf Cottage - HQ for Botanical Trader. Many of the ingredients we use are either harvested from our organic garden or wild-grown and picked from the local area of the Snowy Mountains

INFUSED WITH AUSTRALIAN BUSH-FLOWER ESSENCES (Australian wildflowers and native flowers, leaves, herbs + bark).

Pack includes:

50ml Breathe Easy Aromatherapy Body Mist

50ml Awaken + Uplift Aromatherapy Body Mist

50ml Focus Aromatherapy Body Mist

50ml Serenity Aromatherapy Body Mist

50ml Relax Aromatherapy Body Mist

50ml Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Body Mist 


The base of all our aromatherapy body mist starts with a botanical infused water which is mindfully hand-crafted using spring-fed alpine water that has been infused with Australian bush-flowers, wildflowers, leaves and bark that have been either wild-crafted from the Snowy Mountains Region or harvested from our garden. 

The botanical infused water is then hand-blended with the essential oils, creating an apothecary formula that is attuned with the healing vibration of nature.

The combination of essential oils and plant extracts steeped in a botanical infused water realigns you with nature and activates holistic healing for the mind, body + soul.



Choose a body mist based on either how you feel and what emotion and sense of well-being you wish to invoke. If you are unsure on what you need then close your eyes and pick a blend at random - you will be guided to what blend you need.

Once you have your blend, with loving intention spray from the crown of your head and gently move down towards your heart and down towards the soles of your feet - slowly breathe in, relax and just be

The warmth of your skin will release the aroma from the natural oils and unlock the healing properties of this botanical remedy. Always patch test before use and in the rare event irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. 

FREE from alcohol, artificial fragrances & colours, phthalates, parabens, and other chemical nasties. Not tested on animals.  Vegan + Certified cruelty free with CCF

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