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Our Australian Journey Intention Candle invites you to pause, breathe, become present & manifest your intentions & dreams. Including this simple ritual in your life will open the door for you to connect with the universe & to have your goals and desires heard.

Our intention candles are made from 100% soy nature wax & are small batched and hand poured in the Snowy Mountains. As the candles are poured lovingly by hand there may occasionally be tiny imperfections but these will not impact the burn time or energy of the candle.

The candles are infused with subtle notes of blue sage & eucalyptus, a simple & staple Australian scent. Each candle has been topped with dried rose petals that have been picked from Sugarloaf Cottage.


The Ritual

There is no right or wrong way to use your candle as lighting a candle in any space will invoke a state of peace, calm & warmth. However, it is no coincidence that candles are used widely in sacred places as the flame represents sun, energy & light. 

I encourage you to create a comfortable space for yourself which might include cushions, a yoga mat, flowers, more candles, a journal or pen and paper as this will deepen your experience & allow you to send your intentions & wishes out into the universe. Take some relaxing breaths. meditate, visualise or simply write down your goals or what it is that you desire and allow the candle to illuminate these intentions and deliver them to the universe.  Finish with a moment of gratitude & gently snuff (rather than blowing out)  your candle out with the glass lid allowing the flame to extinguish on its own.

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Note: Never leave a candle unattended & always follow safe candle burning recommendations. 

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