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A collection of natural aromatherapy body mists and essential oil blends that have been hand-blended and mindfully curated to support everyday well-being and mind-body balance

This pack is an essential for everyday health. Just like eating all your vegetables, drinking two litres of water, sleeping 7-8 hours, moving the body daily and spending 20 minutes a day in meditation are all essential components for complete mind-body-spirit health  -so is this little pack of aromatherapy healing.

They are designed in small bottles so that they can be carried around with you throughout the day or alternatively you can stock up on several packs and keep a set in your home, a set in your bag and then a set on your office desk at work so that you always have a little plant-therapy by your side.

100% natural, hand-bottled and slow produced in small-batches. Many of the ingredients we use are either harvested from our organic garden or wild grown and picked from the local area of the Snowy Mountains

INFUSED WITH AUSTRALIAN BOTANICALS AND BUSH-FLOWER ESSENCES (Australian wildflowers and native flowers, leaves, herbs + bark)

Pack Includes:

30ml Awaken + Uplift Aromatherapy Body Mist

30ml Serenity Aromatherapy Body Mist

10ml Tuscan Sun Pulse Point Roller Ball [Self-Awareness Blend]



The base of our aromatherapy body mists and pulse point roller ball blends start with either

1. a botanical infused water which is mindfully hand-crafted using spring-fed alpine water that has been infused with Australian bush-flowers, wildflowers, leaves and bark that have been either wild-crafted from the Snowy Mountains Region or harvested from our garden. The botanical infused water is then hand-blended with the essential oils, creating an apothecary formula that is attuned with the healing vibration of nature.

2. a solar infused oil which is produced by steeping wild-crafted or organically grown Australian bush-flowers, wildflowers, leaves, bark and rose quartz crystals in our organic carrier oil for at least 6-8 weeks.

The combination of essential oils and plant extracts steeped in a botanical infused water or oil realigns you with nature and activates holistic healing for the mind, body + soul.



In the morning start your day with a spritz of awaken and uplift to get your mind and body energised for the activities of the day. Keep a bottle with you during the day to spray when ever you need energising, clarity or to bring about a sharp and focused mind.

Use Tuscan Sun throughout the day to deepen your internal truth, raise self-awareness and give you the confidence to step into your own true nature, inviting you to make decisions that prioritise and serve your own well-being. 

Serenity is used to calm the mind and body. Carry it with you over the day to bring about balance during those stressful and unbalancing times. Also make sure you spray a little mid-afternoon to start to slow the senses down so you can unwind effectively during the evening

Just before bed, spray Serenity with loving intention from the crown of your head and gently move down towards your heart and then down to the soles of your feet. Slowly breathe in, relax and just be. Spray a little on your pillow.

The warmth of your skin will release the aroma from the natural oils and unlock the healing properties of this botanical remedy. Always patch test before use and in the rare event irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. 

FREE from alcohol, artificial fragrances & colours, phthalates, parabens, and other chemical nasties. Not tested on animals.  Vegan + Certified cruelty free with CCF

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