All our products are hand-blended in small batches using only the highest of quality essential oils, resins, wild-crafted wildflower essences + botanicals harvested from our own garden.


"The earth laughs in flowers"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Botanical Trader was born from this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. When I first heard that quote many years ago it deeply resonated, and it stuck with me.

Ever since I can remember I have had an affinity with plants whether it was picking mandarins, mangos or mulberries from my back yard tree as a child or spending my youth travelling the world seeking spots of natural beauty that I could hike into or spend a few days camping in.

Plants and nature have healed me in more ways than I can express. I was very sick in 2012-2013 and my first moment of healing actually came when I was watering my rosemary and lavender planter boxes on my small inner-city apartment balcony.

It was a normal day, like any other, I went about my daily duties mindlessly, hurried and a little overwhelmed. I was pouring the water from my watering can quickly onto my plants with the intention of getting that job "over and done". Then out of no-where I was struck with something I can only explain as one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  

As I was literally flooding my poor plants; I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, I heard the sound of the birds in the tree above me, I became overwhelmed with the beauty of the intricate and delicate purple flowers, I caught a smell of the rosemary and lavender aroma and for the first time in a long time I felt complete peace, stillness, gratitude and hope for a happy and healthy future.  

It was in this moment that my journey to health and wellness began. Since that day I have used nature to completely heal and rebuild my mind, body and soul. I garden, I make products from nature, I eat plant-based, I drink lots of kale, celery + wheatgrass, I exercise in nature, I do my best to only ever buy consumer products derived from nature and I spend every moment I can connecting and re-energising myself with nature.

It was an organic journey to making natural products from plants, but one I was called to do. Plants are my life- they are my passion- they hold a powerful energy that heals and brings balance to the mind, body + soul.

The true purpose behind creating botanical trader was to bring more plant products into the marketplace in hope that one day we might get rid of the synthetic, unethical and toxic.

Whilst natural products are expensive in comparison to their more synthetic counterparts - there is nothing more grounding, healing and inspiring than surrounding yourself with materials that come direct from mother nature. I believe the energy held in plants is both healing and restorative. From the uplifting aromas that come from the oils extracted from plants, to the intricate design and vibrant colours of flowers, the earthy scents from the wood + bark of trees, and the healing properties of leaves, moss, herbs + roots,

When I infuse myself with plants my energetic vibration increases dramatically, and those who purchase our products also find that their energy vibrates higher when they wear one of our natural products steeped in botanicals.



Founder of Botanical Trader + The OM Collective, yoga teacher, gardener, writer, animal lover + health seeker dedicated to helping people lean into a more kinder, healthier + sustainable lifestyle


There is a quote from an unknown author I absolutely love.....”I always said “someone should do something about that” - then I realised I was somebody”

We all have the power to change the world around us. We just need to have the commitment to start living the changes we want to see in the world.

We all have a circle of influence around us- we only need to open up a few peoples minds in order to see a dramatic shift in the world around us.

Never underestimate the power you hold within. You have a voice- use it for the good of all. You have a creative genius within- tap into it. You have a deep knowing within that “we can do better” - listen to it.

Making natural, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable products and then giving away profits to charity is the platform I use to promote sustainable, ethical and kind living. It is a gentle yet peaceful form of activism and it is the rent i pay to inhabit this beautiful mother earth. What is yours? What breaks your heart about the world today?

Take action today by being the change you want to see in the world.

I believe through ethical consumerism we can all create big change in this lifetime and put an end to global poverty, human rights violations, animal cruelty and the destruction of our planet.

Personally I am an active advocate for the plant-based, simple and sustainable lifestyle. If your values align with mine then I would also love to connect with you via my weekly newsletter The OM Collective or at one of my yoga classes/yoga retreats. If you would like to know mmore about my yoga and spiritual journey then read my yoga teacher profile at The OM Collective

Our continual growth and expansion is a testament to what we have achieved together on this path we have chosen.

Thank you for walking with us


Claire Charters



Botanical Trader was created out of a passion to create a business that made its decisions based on ethics rather than profits. I believe there are a new breed of consumers and entrepreneurs - the kind that believe consumerism should give back rather than take. 


Drawing on holistic wisdom, Botanical Trader has partnered with Mother Nature to create grounding and restorative products. All our products are hand-blended in small batches using only the highest of quality essential oils, resins, wild-crafted wildflower essences and botanicals harvested from my own garden. Everyday that I harvest something from nature I give "thanks for her abundance" - she really does give us so much.


It is our duty of care as guardians of this planet to ensure we only ever create products that are not harmful to our beautiful planet earth.

I believe all products should be as sustainable and eco as possible. In the design process the product should be assessed to ensure it has very little to zero negative effect on our planet over its entire life span - from its conception to the day its packaging gets recycled or upcycled. We use glass, bamboo, very little PET plastic, recycled cardboard, non-toxic inks and have recently introduced our “hold the packaging line”.


Everything originates from mother earth in someway. However, too often her raw beauty is taken and manipulated into some highly processed product that has destroyed the spirit of Mother Earth and lost all her healing properties. I believe we need to drop the excess and simplify our lives and get back to the basics where we are supported, nurtured and healed from nature.

All our products are high vibrational energy derived from Mother Earth - some of our most used raw ingredients include crystals, botanical extracts, wild-flower essences and solar infused botanical oils


Over the years I have (like many of you) agonizingly watched on as animals, wilderness and people have come under increasing threat despite all the efforts to protect them.

Consumerism has the power to either destroy or empower. Call me naive, but I believe world change is possible if every single business and consumer chose to make more informed and ethical decisions in their everyday life – from what products they buy, how they eat, what principles they adopt to which companies they choose to support.


Botanical Traders philosophy is grounded in having respect for all life – with you, with animals, with nature and with the local communities which so depend on them.


Our encouragement of ethical choices when it comes to consumerism is more than just a passion…it is our way of life.

You, our customers, are our partners in this lifestyle choice and every purchase you make with us leaves a positive impact on our planet and all beings. That’s why we only sell ethical and natural products that have no negative impact on humans, animals or the planet. We then give a big majority of our profits to not-for-profit animal groups, people and causes in need.