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Embrace SLOW living

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Dangers of fragrance

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Create a sacred space in your home

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The TAO of happiness

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How-to create a mindful home

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We Are More Than A Product We Are A Way Of Life

Healing with botanicals and nature is our passion and how we live. Our philosophy is grounded in plant-based veganism, yoga, nature, sustainability, kindness and serving others. Our vision is to inspire more people to reconnect to the healing powers of nature which will ultimately lead to realigning with their own internal wisdom and authentic self.

Our Profits Support Others

We are a social enterprise. We believe through ethical consumerism we can all create big change in this lifetime and put an end to global poverty, human rights violations, animal cruelty, human lifestyle diseases and the destruction of our planet.

You, our customers, are our partners in this lifestyle choice and every purchase you make with us leaves a positive impact on our planet and all beings.

We use our profits to support those in need. Whilst we give majority of our funding to not-for-profit animal groups we also give to planet and humanitarian causes

We Are A Small-Batch 'Clean + Green' Perfumery + Skincare Company

Botanical Trader is a line of small-batch, handcrafted products derived from a love for nature. We focus on showcasing the beauty and healing power found in botanicals + Mother Earth. We will never compromise on quality and ethics. We believe as a business it is our social responsiblity to give more than we take. Our commitment to our customers is that we will never choose profits over quality, your health, sustainability, animal cruelty or human lives.

We Are Plant-Based + Certified Cruelty-Free

Being at one with nature includes caring for and protecting those who don't have a voice, this includes our animal friends. We refuse to support an industry that puts profits before ethics. We are proudly vegan and are certified cruelty-free by CCF Australia