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Garden Seeds Save The Bees

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Provide a flourishing habitat to attract bees, butterflies and birds to your garden. If you live in an apartment with no garden then plant a pot. By planting seeds that attract the birds, bees and butterflies, not only will it bring more joy and life to your outside space, you are also doing your bit to leave a positive impact on Mother Earth.

Naturalist and veteran documentary maker Sir David Attenborough says "A few precious moments spent watching a stunning red admiral or peacock butterfly feeding amongst the flowers in my garden never fails to bring me great pleasure". 

A colourful garden buzzing with life, filled with bees, birds, butterflies, flowers is not only beautiful to look at, it is also soothing for the soul, good for our mental health, good for our veggie garden, good for the flowers and most importantly it is an essential lifeline for Mother Earth and all living organisms [including us humans].

Many of our favourite fruits, vegetables, native wildflowers and garden flowers require pollinators.Planting wildflower mixes or any one of our Sugarloaf Cottage Garden seeds will support the well-being of bees, birds and butterflies by providing a habitat and abundant food source while they pollinate your garden. A win-win for both gardener and insect! 

Fortunately, you don’t need to keep a beehive to ensure that you are looking after our earth, your fruit trees and vegetable garden. You can attract them into your outdoor space and garden with certain plants and flowers.  

With the urban sprawl, increase of land clearing, mainstream use of insecticide and broad scale agriculture practices our beautiful Australian native bees, which provide such essential pollination services, are under threat. 

You can help support these vital pollinators by avoiding the use of insecticides and planting a garden that will attract birds, butterflies and bees [even if it is just one pot on your inner-city balcony]. 

Any of our Garden Seed Mixes are bird, bee and butterfly attracting. 

Sow, nurture and enjoy