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Find your true state of being by being returned to the healing simplicity of nature with Australian bush flower essences that awaken the senses and heal and ground the body.

When life is racing by at full throttle, this self-care package will invite you to hit pause and take some time out, providing all the tools needed to create your very own calm healing space.

This Peace + Well-being Pamper Pack is guaranteed to turn any home into a blissful spa-like sanctuary, instilling a soothing and aromatic calm within your own space - making for a cosier nest.

This bundle of treats is valued over $120 for just $69 - making it the perfect gift or as a re-treat box for yourself. Included in the pack is:

*100ml Organic Body Wash: Alpine Mint + Wild Rosemary: This invigorating wash will wake up the senses first thing in the morning and leave you feeling inspired for the day ahead. Comes in a limited edition aluminium pump bottle

*100ml Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Body Mist: Perfect for creating a cosy sanctuary and makes slipping off to sleep easy. Comes in a limited edition aluminium pump bottle

*30ml Serenity Aromatherapy Body Mist Create a spa-like oasis to encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. Comes in a limited edition cobalt blue hand-made glass bottle

 *30ml Awake + Uplift Aromatherapy Body Mist:  Perfect to use first thing in the morning after the body wash. Comes in a limited edition cobalt blue hand-made glass bottle

*Organic Botanical Face + Body Sugar Scrub [Small Size]: Buff and polish the face and body with gentle botanicals, sugar and Pacific Island Coconut Oil.

*Therapeutic Lavender Eye Pillow: Heat in the microwave for a warm tension releasing compress or put in the freezer for a cooling and soothing compress. The fabrics are all different - so may not be the same as in picture.

*Emotional Balance Pulse Point Roller : The Rose Thief: A heart opening aromatherapy blend that supports emotional support, strength and resilience.

All products are 100% natural, hand-bottled and slow produced in small-batches. Many of the ingredients we use are either harvested from our organic garden or wild grown and picked from the local area of the Snowy Mountains

INFUSED WITH AUSTRALIAN BOTANICALS +  BUSH-FLOWER ESSENCES (Australian wildflowers and native flowers, leaves, herbs + bark)



Start the day with a little hot water and apple cider vinegar as soon as you wake up. Do some exercise - yoga, a walk, gentle stretches or a weight session. 

Have a hot and cold shower, invigorating the mind and body with your Alpine Mint + Wild Rosemary Body Wash.  Follow it up with an all over Botanical Body Scrub

Starting from the crown of your head, spray your body with the Awaken + Uplift Aromatherapy Spray

Make yourself a wholesome breakfast or fresh juice. Then spend your day at your own leisure - taking walks in nature, de-cluttering the home or learning something new

Stop, breathe and be. Savour a nourishing lunch.

Read a book or journal. Roll The Rose Thief Blend onto your pulse points. Rose Geranium will help you connect with your own inner wisdom along with connecting you to the energy, support and guidance available to you from the magical creative universe - the root of all that is and all that you are  . Breathe deep, cleanse your mind and visualise being re-connected to your inner wisdom and power.

Mid-afternoon dedicate 20 minutes to a meditation. Try one of my free guided meditations. Spray the Serenity Aromatherapy Body Mist from the crown of your head and down your body. Meditate with your warm lavender eye pillow, melting and releasing any excess tension around the eyes.

Take some time to make a healing and nourishing dinner. 

Sip on a herbal tea and some dark chocolate

Light an incense or oil burner, put on some calming meditative music, have a warm shower and put on your cosiest PJ's.  Apply the Rose Thief pulse point oil onto your wrists and neck. Starting from the crown of your head spritz Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Body Mist down your body, over your heart, and all the way down to the soles of your feet. Spray a little on your pillow and sheets. Snuggle into bed and read, dream or meditate.



Get a good nights sleep: Read our tips on getting a tranquil nights sleep 

Make your bed in the morning - and put some love into it. This simple luxury can transform your day. Be inspired to make a beautiful bed with our how-to-guide

During your day at home why not turn your home into a sanctuary. Read how to create a mindful home

Why not treat yourself to a full spa and unwind day at home. Read our guide on a DIY spa day

Consider implementing a morning ritual. Read why this is life-changing and how you can do it.

For more ideas on creating a simplified yet luxe day -  be inspired as you search through our sacred rituals resource



The base of our aromatherapy body mists and pulse point roller ball blends start with either

1. a botanical infused water which is mindfully hand-crafted using spring-fed alpine water that has been infused with Australian bush-flowers, wildflowers, leaves and bark that have been either wild-crafted from the Snowy Mountains Region or harvested from our garden. The botanical infused water is then hand-blended with the essential oils, creating an apothecary formula that is attuned with the healing vibration of nature.

2. a solar infused oil which is produced by steeping wild-crafted or organically grown Australian bush-flowers, wildflowers, leaves, bark and rose quartz crystals in our organic carrier oil for at least 6-8 weeks.

The combination of essential oils and plant extracts steeped in a botanical infused water or oil realigns you with nature and activates holistic healing for the mind, body + soul.


FREE from alcohol, artificial fragrances & colours, phthalates, parabens, and other chemical nasties. Not tested on animals.  Vegan + Certified cruelty free with CCF

Shipping: All orders over $40 are free to ship Australia-wide. International shipping available

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