Therapeutic Lavender Wheat Bag

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Style Pink & Purple Posie

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Wheat Bags are a therapeutic healing tool, perfect for soothing and relaxing tired muscles, releasing tension and falling into a deep state of calm.

These beautiful Aromatherapy wheat bags are all hand-made in the Snowy Mountains Australia and are a simple luxury that can turn any ordinary moment into an extra-ordinary tranquil moment.

A healing therapy that can be used to balance and calm the nervous system, they're a great tool to use during meditation, yoga or sleep to help keep you grounded, calm and quiet within, inviting you to step into a deep state of peace and surrender, while releasing stress and anxiety.

A warm lavender infused wheat bag provides soothing acupressure and aromatherapy that can be use on the forehead, eyes, top of hips or thighs, back, shoulder, neck, feet or anywhere else you would like.

A gentle therapy that soothes sore and tired muscles, releases tension, relaxes the mind-body and invokes quietude. Lavender is grounding, great for stress + anxiety.

Because our wheat-bags are all hand-made they are unique and one-off designs. If this colour or style is not what you are after then make sure you check out all the designs currently available here >>>

***Size is approximately 40cm in length x 10cm wide



Hand-made by Farmer’s Daughter in the Snowy Mountains Australia from 100% linseed, wheat, dried lavender and lavender oil. 


Place wheat bag and cup of water in Microwave and heat for 2-3 minutes. DO NOT REHEAT WITHIN 12 HOURS

With loving intention place the warm wheat bag on the body -   gently breathe in, relax, and allow any tension you are holding to slowly melt into ground below you.  Surrender, allow and just be in this moment - remembering it is only this moment that counts.

The warmth of the wheat bag will release the aroma of lavender.

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