#anewworldmanifesto - this is where our story begins  

A NEW WORLD MANIFESTO is where Botanical Trader began. It is our journey towards seeking out a more meaningful life by discovering a "new way of being". It is a collection of all that we value and reasons behind why we do what we do. It’s an evolving collection of inspirations and thoughts that inspire new conversations, new thoughts and new ways of being that spark up more kindness, love, simplicity and mindfulness into our every day lives.






A collection of small inspirations to inspire a a more mindful way of living. The perfect companion for either your morning commute to work, walk, run or yoga practice. Over 70 different affirmations for mind + body well-being.


A new + inspired world: It starts with the ones who are seeking more. The ones who have a desire to become the best expression of themselves. They represent the seekers, the storytellers, the creatives, the compassionate and the ones who dare to think for themselves. The ones brave enough to speak their truth even when it means they may walk alone.

It starts by listening to the world around us and choosing to have the difficult conversations. It’s about seeing the ones who are unseen, speaking up for those that can’t or won’t, and recognising love, connection and unity where others see fear, hate or indifference.

Always choosing connection over followers. It’s about not following the crowds, but rather, listening to the internal compass that guides us and reorients us back to our own inner truth.

It demands keeping an open mind to everything yet attached to nothing. It makes trusting the process work for us, rather than control us.

It thrives on ethics, intention and conscious decision making. The humility to see the world as it truthfully is- while believing that a change for a more kind and just world is possible.

It’s about rising up and becoming a warrior for the things that matter most. Intentionally choosing kindness over having to be right. Having the heart to live at the edge, the wisdom to admit mistakes and failures and the courage to start again.

It requires patience, kindness and resilience – a truly unwavering heart.

It rejects complacency, rises above the status quo and challenges corruption, nastiness and injustice. Doing what’s right, not what’s easy or socially acceptable.

It’s about finding Inspiration, becoming inspired and living in-spirit. And most important of all its about becoming the change you wish to see in the world.



Join the #anewworldmanifesto movement and share your kindness stories on instagram, get your free audio download, serve up some kindness to random strangers with our kindness cards, live and breathe kindness with our Choose Kindness T-Shirts or grab a copy of our book.



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