Contribution + Giving Back

At Botanical Trader, we believe there is only one way to do business and that is to give more than we take. We believe in ethics over profits and are passionate about weaving contribution into our business model.

Our business vision is to give more than we take, which is why we have set up the Botanical Trader business model to operate alongside our non-profit The Wildspace Collective.

Wildspace Collective is an initiative that gives back. Through Wildspace Collective we will plant a tree for every sale made at Botanical Trader both online and in-store. And if that is not enough, we then take all our profits and donate them to a handful of  initiatives and charities.

The goal is for Botanical Trader and Wildspace Collective to become a consumer brand that appeals to those who want to buy more ethical and impactful consumer products and experiences that leave a positive impact on the world around us.

The official launch of The Wildspace Collective will be January 2023.

Giving to charities and organisations that resonate with us and our customers is essential to who we are as a brand. We believe through ethical consumerism we can all create big change in this lifetime and put an end to global poverty, human rights violations, animal cruelty, human lifestyle diseases and the destruction of our planet. There is a new group of consumers and businesses on the up-rise, those who believe in ethics over profits. Having a platform that generates income and allows us to give more is one of the main contributors that that inspired us to go into business.

You, our customers, are our partners in this lifestyle choice and every purchase you make with us leaves a positive impact on our planet and all beings. 

The Botanical Trader team supports a number of local charities and organisations that are committed to creating change.   Find out more about some of the amazing charities we are proud to support through Wildspace Collective. 


Since conception December 2018 we have supported: 

EDGAR'S MISSION: Edgar’s Mission is a farm sanctuary set on 153 peaceable acres near Lancefield, Victoria (Australia), about 60 km north of Melbourne.

Edgar's Mission rescues and provides a sanctuary to animals in need, currently providing lifelong love and care to over 450 rescued animals.

Through education, outreach, advocacy, community enrichment and farm tours, they encourage people to expand their circle of compassion to include all animals. Read more about Edgar's Mission

ANIMALS AUSTRALIA: Animals Australia is one of the worlds leading voices for animals across the globe. Their funds go towards the investigation and exposure of animal cruelty, raising public awareness of many mainstream issues that the general public are not fully aware of. Read more about Animals Australia here

ENDEAVOUR FOUNDATION: Supporting people with intellectual disability to live, learn, work and flourish according to their own interests and priorities. Read more about the organisation here

SLEEPY BURROWS: A self funded wombat sanctuary in NSW Australia, specialising in rehabilitating injured, orphaned and pet wombats. Sleepy Burrows gives a loving home to wombats in need, teaching them the necessary survival skills so that they can be released back into the Australian bush, where they belong. If you are a lover of wombats like we are then you must head over and check them out. They have the most cutest wombat videos ever on their Facebook Page. Read more about Sleepy Burrows

GIFT BAGS FOR WOMEN OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: We gave over fifty 10ml Tuscan Sun perfume vials plus 50ml body washes to the Cooma office to put in the gift bag that women get when they reach out for support. These bags include simple but luxe items that women in these violent situations usually don't buy for themselves such as quality tampons + pads, a quality deodorant, beautiful body wash and maybe [like in our case] a luxurious perfume.

SUNRISE SANCTUARY: Sunrise Sanctuary is animal rescue farm for farmed animals. They are based in Marysville Ohio, their mission is to encourage more humane and compassionate behaviour towards animals and they believe that each living creature has value and deserves to live free of suffering and exploitation. Animal rescue centres are very close to our heart, and we proudly donated a $250 gift pack to be used in their silent auction to raise more money for feed, vet bills and so forth. Read more about sunrise sanctuary here.

FABSOC @ Monash University: FABSOC is part of Monash University and stands for Fashion and Beauty Appreciation Society. There mission is to promote diversity and ethical consumption. Striving to foster a more sustainable fashion and beauty culture through anti-human trafficking and anti-animal testing initiatives, in addition to environmentally-conscious practices. Here at Botanical Trader we believe their needs to be more groups working towards this world-changing initiatives - especially outreaching to our youth. We proudly donated 6 prizes for there trivia night - a night geared at raising awareness and funds for both the organisation and charities. Read more about FABSOC here.

MS Society: We recently donated $2500 from our sales to MS, the funds go towards helping make daily life easier for people living with MS. Learn more about MS here.


Positive IMPACT Project

The goal of The Positive IMPACT Project is to find a balanced approach and formula towards consumerism, communities, conservation, people and our animal friends that will leave a positive impact on the world we live in.

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Sugarloaf Cottage Wildlife Rehabilitation + Orphanage

Sugarloaf Cottage is our HQ for Botanical Trader. We have spent over $60k on two wombat soft-release enclosures. We also part-take in the Koala monitoring program and are working hard to raise enough money to build a kangaroo soft-release pen and a Bush Baby nursery

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Tree Planting

We plant one tree for every sale we make.

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