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Our Philosophy is grounded in promoting green beauty products and lifestyle choices that contribute to a more kinder, healthier and greener planet



The personal care industry is highly unregulated, it’s incomprehensible that the last piece of regulation was passed way back in 1938 – and it was only one-page long.

It’s a well-known fact that up to 70% of what we put on our bodies goes into our bodies. We as consumers put our trust in companies to provide us with products that are safe. However, in this modern era where profits come before well-being, companies are taking the easy approach and are filling up our personal care products with toxic fillers, foamers and emulsifiers that are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Basically, companies are free to do whatever they please with zero government oversight.

Because it’s a free-for-all, companies can make whatever claims they like when it comes to marketing their products—words like natural, clean, green, eco, cruelty free, vegan literally have no enforceable definition. In other words, those attractive claims that are made on the packaging do not need to match what lives on the products ingredient list.

At Botanical Trader, we believe there is only one standard that must apply to all personal care products, one that we simply call “Green Beauty” which you’ll see in action in all our products, throughout our free green beauty challenge and within our editorial content.



At Botanical Trader, we believe there is only one standard that must apply to all personal care products, one that we simply call “Green Beauty”



A clean product that is totally free from non-toxic ingredients that are linked to harmful health effects from hormone disruption, infertility, cancer, to the ever so common skin irritation.


In our opinion for a product to be truly natural, 97% of the product needs to be made with ingredients that breathed life


A sustainable and eco product that has no negative effect on our planet over its entire life span - from its conception to the day its packaging gets recycled or upcycled. We use glass, bamboo, very little PET plastic, recycled cardboard, non-toxic inks and have recently introduced our “hold the packaging line”.


An ethically sourced product is free from human exploitation, child labour and human trafficking. Yes, the beauty industry is rife with these unethical practices. Many of the raw ingredients are harvested by humans who have been taken advantage of. This is a direct result of companies once again choosing profits over lives. We research where are products are harvested from and only support farms doing the right thing.


here at Botanical Trader we take a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation. None of our products have ever been tested on animals, we are certified cruelty free with CCF, we do not sell to the retail market of China, we use zero animal derived products and no animal has ever been abused in the harvesting of raw ingredients [our No Monkey Business Coconut Oil is a perfect example of the ethical standards we uphold]


We believe that organic farming is crucial for the future of our planet which is why any ingredient that is typically farmed with pesticides we buy organically certified from our supplier. Many of the oils we buy are either wild-harvested, processed from our garden or naturally grown without pesticides - these aren’t certified organic however the growing and harvesting of these products is how nature intended.


We believe that through ethical consumerism we can all create big change in this lifetime and put an end to global poverty, human rights violations, animal cruelty and the destruction of our planet. There is a new group of businesses on the up-rise, these are the ones who have created a business not for the purpose of profit grabbing but for the sole purpose of using profits to create a better world. This is the main reason that inspired us to go into business – we have committed to supporting not-for-profit groups with our profits.