Slow Down. Retreat. Nourish. Empower.

Welcome To The Slow Down

Take your first step on your journey to better wellbeing and start prioritising self-care. Slow down, retreat, nourish and empower with Botanical Trader + The OM Collective from the comfort of your home – 365 days a year.

Peaceful Mind

Calm and restore your mind with our free meditations, mindful activities and breathwork that transport you to a place of stillness and inspiration whenever you need to re-centre.

Free guides, masterclasses and resources that are designed to expand your self-awareness and inspire you to implement calming daily habits

Peaceful Body

Nourish and recharge your body with yoga and movement that are designed to awaken stagnant energy and strengthen your body. Plus, a wholesome library of nourishing plant based recipes that will fuel and energise you from within. Along with daily rituals that will make you glow from the inside out.

Peaceful Soul

Renew and re-inspire your soul as you steep it in uplifting goodness. An empowering selection of free guides, masterclasses and tools that promote mindfulness, self-awareness, self-love and self-belief.

The Slow Down Retreat


“The challenge is not to be perfect — it is to be whole.” - Jane Fonda

Welcome to the Slow Down Retreat - an online haven where you can escape life’s everyday stresses and nurture your mind, body and spirit from the moment you enter our digital Retreat.

I have curated the Slow Down to be a nourishing online space, a digital retreat where you can slow down, retreat, nourish, empower and prioritise self-care. The Slow Down is a free digital retreat centre that supports people all over the globe who are ready to journey into a sacred space where self-care and self-discovery becomes a priority.

When I am not on my property, making products, hosting wellness retreats or working at my small little B+B I spend my days creating restorative yoga sequences, writing meditations, and recording my podcast The OM Collective.

This little retreat space is my life's work - it is where Botanical Trader and the OM collective collide. It is a curated selection of everything I do in hope that there is something that resonates with you in a positive way. 

If you haven't already - make sure you sign up to my OM Weekender, a weekly letter from me that lands in your inbox for the start of your weekend.

May you live your life with ease. Namaste.

With Gratitude




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