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Botanical Trader, grown and slow produced at the foothills of the Australian Snowy Mountains at Sugarloaf Cottage.

Sugarloaf Cottage is the HQ for Botanical Trader, nestled in its own private valley, the 130-acre property is home to a diverse and abundant population of Australian flora and fauna. Many of the ingredients found in Botanical Trader are grown in the organic gardens or wild-crafted from the property.

We have learned over the years that we can't tell the land what to grow, instead we must listen to the land and allow it to create its own flourishing gardens and circle of life. Gardening in the extreme weather patterns of the high country can be challenging, however we have found that if we surrender and listen to nature - she certainly knows best.

Our gardens are intertwined with Australian natives such as Grevilleas, Bottle Brushes, Native Mint Bush, Mountain Tea Tree, Wattle, White Correa, Mountain Pepper berry and Eucalyptus [mostly Snow Gum, Ribbon Bark, Candle Bark and Black Sallees]. Growing in-between the natives are various species of lavender and rosemary thriving along with roses, violas, pansies, dahlias, billy buttons, gladioli, irises, tulips, daffodils, cosmos, aster, Japanese box, olive trees, magnolia trees, mandarin trees, lime trees, cherry blossoms, nectarines, quince and crab apples.

We have found that lavender, rosemary, roses, chamomile, and mint love the soil at Sugarloaf and thrive with very little nurturing. Hence, we grow and use these botanicals abundantly. Mullein grows abundantly; even though it is a weed in the Snowy Monaro region, it does have many healing elements, which is why we wild harvest it off the property and use it in many of our infusions.

At Sugarloaf Cottage we run a rehabilitation and release program for injured and orphaned Australian wildlife, part-take in an on-site Koala monitoring program and invest time and money into planting more trees on the property [through our non-profit Wildspace Collective] to create new habitats for local wildlife.

In 2021 the property spent $60 000 on two wombat soft-release enclosures and feeding stations, $20 000 was received through a grant and the other $40 000 was helped raised through sales of Botanical Trader - as all profits from Botanical Trader are currently being put into preserving local wildlife and flora. By June 2025, Botanical Trader hopes to raise $100 000 to build a kangaroo soft release enclosure, a bush baby nursery/orphanage and plant an acre of eucalyptus trees for the koala population.

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Local producer, gardener, and aromatherapist

Claire Charters



Sugarloaf Cottage Wildlife Rehabilitation + Orphanage

Sugarloaf Cottage is our HQ for Botanical Trader. We have spent over $60k on two wombat soft-release enclosures. We also part-take in the Koala monitoring program and are working hard to raise enough money to build a kangaroo soft-release pen and a Bush Baby nursery

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Positive IMPACT Project

Some of the initiatives Botanical Trader support are born and bred at Sugarloaf. The goal of The Positive IMPACT Project is to find a balanced approach and formula towards consumerism, communities, conservation, people and our animal friends that will leave a positive impact on the world we live in.

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