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Botanical Trader provides organic and natural skincare and home care products to a select number of boutique accommodation partners, stores, yoga studios, beauty salons and spas that have aligned core values and principles to Botanical Trader.   

We are located in the Snowy Mountains of NSW where we grow and make many of the ingredients in our products. If we can't grow it we will source it from Australian Growers. If we cant get it in Australia then we trace its origins and ensure it comes from an ethical and sustainable supplier.

Established in July 2019,  all our products are natural, palm oil free, plant-based, certified cruelty free, eco-friendly, grey water/septic safe and free from nasties and toxic chemicals like petroleum, paraffin, parabens and sls.

All our products are handmade with premium ingredients and we only use natural essential oils for fragrance.  Our products appeal to the conscious shopper who prefers quality, sustainable and ethically sourced products over mass produced. 

We don't fill our products with cheap fillers like you will find in many cheap natural products currently available on the market. We don't compete with those type of products on price. Instead we provide a product of quality ingredients where not only the sourcing leaves a kinder impact but our proceeds go towards various charities and initiatives that work hard at making the world kinder, more sustainable and more equal for all.

If you are a day spa or boutique accommodation provider we can also supply you with 5 litre bulk packaging if need be. [ 5 litres wholesale is same price as 10 x 500ml of same product wholesale- sorry no margins to offer cheaper at this stage]


How to apply

1. First sign-up for a free account with Botanical Trader here >>>

2. Then fill out the application form here >>>

3. We will then review your application and if approved give your account wholesale access. You will be notified via email either way.

4. Once approved you can order anytime. To order simply log into your account and look for the blue "wholesale tab" on bottom right corner. Click and order. 



Our wholesale minimum order value is $350. We offer a big discount to our valued wholesale clients and the only way we can maintain this low pricing is by setting minimums.

We offer free postage Australia-wide with wholesale orders; in order to cover our costs we have worked hard to keep minimums as low as possible.

We want Botanical Trader to be well represented with an aligned brand, and expect the shelves to be well stocked with our product at all times.

At this stage we don't offer a tier pricing for our wholesale clients. So whether you order 10 body washes or 100 body washes the pricing remains the same.

We are working on finding ways to reduce our costing margins so that maybe we can offer this in the future to reward bigger sellers. However, at this stage we have not found a way to reduce our margins without sacrificing quality and ethics.

When it comes to accepting retail wholesalers, boutique hotel accommodation and day spa's we will not accept several wholesalers in one area. We will keep our product exclusive to 1-2 retailers within an area.