Today it’s all about fabulous feet!  Are yours feeling a bit neglected at the moment?  Do you need a little pampering and a great polish for those summer sandals?  Well I’ve got a complete step-by-step guide to a do-it-yourself pedicure just for you…

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a bowl big enough to soak your feet in
  • a few drops of essential oil, my favourites are either peppermint or lavender
  • an organic foot scrub and/or foot file
  • some nail clippers, nail file, cuticle pusher and nail buffer
  • an organic body lotion like our very own Alpine Botanical Lotion
  • a non-toxic nail polish remover, cotton wool pads
  • nail polish [we love Sienna From Byron Bay] – base coat, colour, top coat
  • optional: cuticle remover 


What to do:

  1. Fill your bowl with warm water and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil.
  2. Pop those feet in, sit back, close your eyes and relax for 10 mins.  This is a great time to do a mini-meditation!
  3. Next, give yourself a foot scrub, paying attention to heels and any areas of rough or hard skin. I love using a natural organic sugar scrub.  Rinse off in the water.  Dry your feet thoroughly.
  4. If you need to you can now use your foot file in a circular motion to remove any rough patches on heels and other areas.
  5. Trim and file your nails. Make sure you file in one direction only.  Filing in a back and  forth motion will weaken your nails.
  6. Push your cuticles back, if you haven’t done this in a while you may need to use a cuticle treatment or remover.  Now, lightly buff nails.  Wipe feet thoroughly to make sure they are clean and dry.
  7. Apply some body lotion to your feet and take your time massaging it in – why not get someone to do this for you!!! There’s nothing like a foot massage to relax and soothe your soles and your soul!
  8. Now comes the colour!
  9. Thoroughly clean your nail with polish remover.  Don’t skip this step!  It’s super important to have a clean nail to apply your polish to.
  10. Apply one coat of base coat, then 1 – 2  coats of colour  and finish with 1 coat of top coat.
  11. Allow to dry completely. 

YAY!!  beautiful relaxed feet and lovely looking toes!