Free 30 Day Green Beauty Challenge For Glowing Skin



A holistic green beauty program that celebrates our planet, our health, the well-being of animals, the healing properties of Mother Nature and our connection to the world that surrounds us. ​An uplifting program created with heart.

Join our free green beauty challenge- the biggest and most informative free green beauty guide available to date.

Yes you can have beautiful glowing skin within 30 days and we will show you how. 

What is the Green Beauty Challenge?

The Green Beauty Challenge is comprised of 30 daily challenges PLUS a daily educational guide that will get your skin glowing and invite you to question your values, consider your impact and take action to build a healthier, kinder and sustainable lifestyle. Whether you're brand new to the green beauty lifestyle or a seasoned pro, the program will challenge you to become the most healthy, glowing and self-empowered self.

How does it work?

Each day you will receive an email from me [Claire] that will inspire, educate and ask you to take a small action that will bring you closer to the most healthiest version of yourself. 

Can I participate if I’m on a budget?

The Challenge is free. Throughout the challenge you won't be asked to spend any money above and beyond what you would already spend in your day-to-day life. For some challenges you may be required to buy a small item, however for the most part you should have most of the things in your cupboards already. 

The underlying message of our free 30 Day Green Beauty Challenge is simple: for all our apparent diversity—as individuals, communities and nations—our actions, however small, can create change. By living more mindfully we can have a positive impact on the planet, our health and the well-being of others. What we choose to buy and apply to our skin can generate employment and economic stability for others. It also has the power to build a greener planet, heal unethical trade practices and bring about an abundance of health and wellbeing to ourselves.

Nothing more beautifully conveys our connection to ourselves and the world around us than how we choose to live. This Green Beauty Challenge is a modern and fresh approach to living more sustainably. It focuses on the benefits of switching over to a natural and holistic personal care cabinet, inspiring the consumer to shop more consciously for beauty products.

The goal of our free 30 Day Green Beauty Challenge is to help you start reducing the synthetic chemicals that you use on your skin; and make the conscious shift to switch to more safer, more kinder and more sustainable alternatives.