Holistic Ways To Beautiful Lips

This guide is the only guide you will need for helping you get beautiful lips. It will cover how to look after them holistically plus how to apply and wear either lipstick, lip stain or lipgloss.

Let's do this shall we?

Holistic Care For Your Lips

After your eyes, your lips are the most vulnerable area in the fight against ageing. Unlike your face, the skin that makes up your lips is much more delicate and finer which makes them much more exposed to ageing. Some ways that you can treat your lips right are:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your lips hydrated and plump. Whilst moisturisers help on the outside, you need to enrich your lips from the inside. Drinking 2-3 litres of water daily will ensure that your lips are perfectly hydrated.
  • Don’t wait for your lips to become dry and cracked, use an intensive natural lip balm for nourishment and hydration every few hours.
  • Exfoliate your lips several times a week. Sounds strange? This is extremely important as it helps get rid of dead cells from the lips. It also gives you smoother, fuller lips.
  • Your lips are exposed to the elements; don’t forget to apply a natural sunscreen to your lips to protect them from sun damage.
  • Apply a conditioning mask to your lips while you sleep. Mix 5ml of our No Monkey Business Coconut Oil with one drop of rose essential oil. Apply at night and leave on. This treatment will give your lips an instant shine.

Glossing Up The Lips

Now that you have dared to purchase that bright shade of lipstick, can you not help but wonder how some women apply it so perfect, looking impeccable and stylish with their perfectly coloured lips?

You can’t help but wonder “how do they not get it everywhere”? Well wonder no more here are some insider tricks to keeping your bright lipstick looking flawless all day long.

  • First moisturise the lips with a natural lip balm. When doing your make-up moisturise your lips first and then complete the rest of your make-up before applying lipstick to give enough time for the moisturiser to absorb into your lips.
  • When wearing lipstick or lipgloss ensure you line your lips properly with a similar colour lip pencil before applying the lipstick or gloss. This will help create the illusion of fuller, shapelier lips. Take care to get the shape perfect.
  • Now colour the entire lip in with the lip pencil.
  • Now you are ready for the lip colour. When applying lipstick always use a lip brush it gives more definition and perfection. 
  • After you have carefully painted your first coat of lipstick, blot it with a tissue. Brush a light dusting of natural face powder over your lips and press the tissue onto your lips. Apply a second coat of lipstick with care and precision. Blot again with the tissue.
  • If you want a glossy finish, simply add a little bit of clear lip glass over the top.

Make-up Tips For Defining Lips

Make lips look fuller: Full lips are really fashionable and if you want to make your lips look fuller, then simply apply a lip pencil just outside the natural lip line. 

Make lips look smaller: If you want to make your lips look smaller then draw the lip pencil just inside the natural lip line, and choose colours that are close to your natural lip color.

For more youthful looking lips: For mature lips choose lighter lipsticks that do not have too much colour. More natural and earthy tones work best. Remember to hydrate and nourish your lips every couple of hours with a lip balm. Avoid using dark lip pencils that feather and bleed. Use moisturising lipsticks combined with soft glosses and go for depth. 

For uneven lips: If you have uneven lips and one side of the natural bow is larger than the other then a decision needs to be made on whether to make your lips larger or smaller - in order to even out the lip shape. Simply use a lip pencil to redefine and fill out uneven lips.

Dare To Wear Red

Re-invent yourself with a little burst of colour. Colour has the power to uplift and energize you this applies to lipstick also. Wearing red lipstick is empowering, it creates a sense of energy, strength, passion and seduction. It will give you an instant boost on those days that you feel sluggish. There is a red lipstick for every skin tone. Here is a basic guide to picking the right lipstick:

  •   Orange based red lipsticks for warmer skin tones A warmer skin tone has a golden or more yellow undertone and typically looks great in gold jewelry. If you tan when out in the sun then you have a warm skin tone. Another way to determine is to look at your veins and they should have a more green cast to them.

  • Red lipstick with blue undertones suit cooler skin tones - Note that you can have a cool skin tone even if you have darker skin. A sure fire way to figure out if you are a cooler skin tone is if you look good in silver jewelry. Again look at your veins and if they have a blue-ish cast, you are a cool skin tone.