The winter trademarks of cooler weather, harsh winds and snuggling up to
your fireplace all cause havoc on your skin; taking away almost all of the
natural moisture that your body produces and leaving your skin dry, flaky and
sometimes irritated.

We’ve all been there before – cracked and chapped lips,
scaly skin and flushed red cheeks and nose from constantly swapping from
cool dry air outside, to warm (even drier!) air inside. Though the heater feels
like your best friend when you’re trying to warm up, your skin won’t be
thanking you!

We all know that healthy skin takes work, and winter is no different. With
some slight tweaks to your routine, you’ll be on your way to gorgeous winter



Yes, you’ve heard it before … and you’ll hear it time and time again. Hydration
is key to achieving healthy skin. While the weather is cooler and you may not
be as thirsty as you are in the warmer months, it is still so important that you
drink around 2 litres of water per day.

Keeping hydrated helps your body to function at its healthiest, radiating inside
and out, making your skin appear plump and your eyes sparkly.

If you struggle with drinking water in winter then replace a few cups of water with herbal tea. Herbal teas not only warm you up on the inside out, they are filled with properties that heal and nourish the body.


Stay active

Whilst winter is a time to retreat and restore, and the body craves snuggling up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire, staying active is vital for good winter skin. Exercise boosts circulation, gets your pulse rate up, floods the body with nourishment, feeds the mind with endorphins and gives you a radiant winter glow. Even just a 30 minute session of an elevated heart rate three times a week will help keep your skin looking radiant.



Eat good healthy fats

Eating healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil , natural caught fish and raw nuts has been proven to help maintain collagen and elasticity in the skin. Healthy fats are essential for keeping your skin looking healthy and plump throughout all the seasons of the year. 



Avoid a HOT hot shower

Winter is the time when your skin and hair need maximum attention and care.
And while the thought of having a steamy piping hot shower while it is
chilly outside may seem like the best idea at the time, stick to using
closer to lukewarm water as it helps to prevent dehydration of your skin.

Hot water makes the skin’s natural oils soften, stripping away the moisture
barrier and allowing skin to dry out quicker. Our tip? A shorter, warm water
shower or bath instead.


Add extra moisture to your skin

Moisturise your skin morning and night immediately after you shower or
cleanse. Choose a thicker, deep penetrating moisturiser such as a butter or thick lotion for all over body use, and a lighter weight product for your face. Apply while skin is still damp for extra moisture retention. Pay special attention to the areas that take the brunt of the winter elements, such as hands, feet, neck, face and lips.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Be sure to toss any beauty products, especially cleansers, moisturisers and skin treatments that contain harsh chemicals which will strip the natural oils and dry the skin. Avoid products with artificial fragrances and chemical additives, and instead opt for natural alternatives that use essential oils for fragrance.  



Dry body brush

Even though the bathroom may feel a little chillier do your best to keep up dry body brushing through the winter months as it stimulates the lymphatic system, boosts the immune system and supports detoxification.

Before having a shower, brush your skin with a soft natural brush—always brush upwards towards the heart and be gentle with the strokes. Dry body brushing is a natural exfoliator which will remove dead skin cells, polish the skin and unclog and decongest skin. This in turn will help the skin to absorb more nutrients and leave you with a winter glow. View our natural sisal body brushes



Do not lick your lips

With zero oil glands of their own, your lips rely solely on external moisture to
keep them soft. So when winter rolls around they tend to need some extra
care. Use a lip balm with ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter and
coconut oil to deeply penetrate the lips and provide longer lasting moisture.


Treat yourself

If your skin does appear dry, try a steam facial or warm compresses to help
retain moisture in your skin cells. The warm steam will open your pores, then
nourish your skin with a moisturising cream or natural oil to lock in all the goodness and hydration.

Exfoliating scrubs also help get rid of dry, dead skin cells but be choosey
about which products you use. Sugar scrubs tend to be more gentle on the skin, causing less irritation or further dryness.  



Cosy up for a restful nights sleep 

Getting a nightly dose of high quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin, health and overall well being. Sleep is therapeutic to the mind and body—as it is one of the body’s most productive times for repairing every system in the body, including skin which is your largest system. For a good night's sleep it is important to ensure the mind is calm, for a boost of calmness try a mediation or sleep story.