We all aspire to have healthy & radiant skin all year round, however, as we get closer to the end of the year we may find achieving a natural glow requires a little more effort. Our work deadlines & social commitments begin to overwhelm our calendars, we may sacrifice sleep & be indulging in a few more cocktails than usual. Being proactive & including some of the tried & tested suggestions below in your routine will be a lifesaver for your skin and will help to ensure you glow brightly like Rudolph's nose this Christmas! 


  • Incorporate a face & body mist to freshen up & add some much needed moisture back into your skin. Perfect if working in aircon all day, after a gym workout, long car ride or flight. A good face mist can also be great if you’ve had a late night and need a little helper to get in to gear! Try our Awaken & Uplift aromatherapy spray here>>>


  • Stay Hydrated! Keep a big bottle of water on your desk, in the car & by the bed to remind yourself to up the water intake! Pop a few fresh herbs or a squeeze of citrus in your water to make it even more refreshing. 


  • Wear SPF 50+ every day! This time of year the UV rating is higher & we can burn more quickly.  A sunburn is not the kind of glow we are after… so don’t get caught out & invest in a good quality sunscreen that you can take on the go with you.


  • Try to limit your alcohol intake or try non & low alcoholic options. The social atmosphere at Christmas can sometimes mean we are drinking more quickly than we realise. Consider alternating alcoholic drinks with water or soda water or explore non-alcoholic or low alcohol options. Many of the big brands are now producing alcohol-free 'copycat' products as there is a new drinking culture emerging that is really embracing the zero alcohol lifestyle. We’ve been sampling a few things ourselves & can highly recommend Lyres Spirits, Heaps Normal non-alc beer & San Drinks who have a huge range of wines available  – try the Odd Bird Sparkling, it is the perfect alternative to bubbles over the silly season.  Or why not add one of our non-alcoholic wines to your gift box this season


  • Exercise baby! Sweat and endorphins are both magical natural boosters for our mood & our external glow!  Pair this will a good nights sleep for the ultimate rejuvenation, your plump face will thank you! 


  • We all know this one, but always remove your makeup before you go to bed & using a gentle plant-based face oil will give you a nice supple glow. 


  • Dry body brushing. This traditional Ayurvedic practice involves sweeping a bristle brush across the limbs, towards the heart stimulates the lymphatic system, blood flow, promotes mindfulness & is a great exfoliation at the same time. It also encourages skin turn. Nothing like a good buff, massage & scrub to give you a fresh glow. You can learn more about body brushing below in this newsletter PLUS I have received some beautiful Sisal Vegan-Friendly Face and Body brushes. You can shop them here >>>>  


  • Finally, get some sparkly Christmas earrings & enjoy the festive season! It's been a crazy wild year and we also deserve to have a great end to 2021.