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Going green” is no longer just the ideology of left-wing hippies. Nor is it a passing trend. We are living in changing times where we are confronted with the challenge of sustaining our food, our water, our health and our planet. We are becoming aware and more connected than ever before, and as a result we are naturally led to taking on a greener, kinder and sustainable approach to life and everything we buy.

The Green Beauty movement is rising rapidly, each year more products and more information is being seeked out and it is undeniable that within a few years the green beauty industry will become mainstream.

The Green Beauty movement is a philosophy and a way of life that encourages you to live with love and respect for yourself, the planet and others. When you live this way, it feels good not only on a cellular level but also a spiritual level. It raises your vibration, opens up your heart centre and brings you closer to living in alignment with your own true nature.

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