The Secret To Longer Looking Lashes

Luscious long, full and thick lashes are something many of us only dream about, a look that is showcased in mascara advertisements and on TV commercials, but is often just a little bit out of reach for the regular people. Lash length and thickness, like everything else on your body, is determined by genetics. Generally people with finer hair follicles will have thinner and finer lashes, making it much more difficult to produce a full bodied lash look without using false lashes or lash extensions, but there a few tricks of the trade that can help you achieve longer lashes without resorting to expensive lash extensions or unrealistic looking false lashes.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. The Vitamin E in Flaxseed Oil helps to moisturise and nourish the eyelash follicles and works to repair damaged lashes; helping to make them stronger, thicker and longer. Using a cue tip coated in flaxseed oil, lightly run the tip across your eye lashes at the roots, similar to if you are applying liquid eyeliner, then using the cue tip, move towards the end of each lash. Doing this three or four times a week before going to bed will work wonders to encourage the growth of your lashes, making them fuller and stronger.

Food for thought

It sounds like a no brainer, which is probably why most people over look it but nutritionally healthy foods promote hair growth, which includes your lashes and brows. Fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein are essential to your diet for optimal health, and will work to boost the overall health of your lashes; making them thicker, stronger and longer in the process - not to mention you’ll feel better and have more energy.

Kick the mascara habit

It’s true what they say when it comes to your lashes; just like your skin needing time to breathe, your lashes need a day or two each week without mascara or eye make-up to breathe and rejuvenate. Similarly, always ensure you clean and cleanse your skin around your eyes when removing your make-up each night. The cleaner and healthier the skin around your eyes, the healthier your lashes will be.

Your mascara wand counts

Have you ever wondered why your lashes always look longer and thicker when a professional does them? It isn’t the technique; it is in the mascara wand. For longer, thicker lashes, choose a mascara wand that is tall and thin with tightly packed bristles, or one that suits the shape of your eye. It’s amazing how the right wand can work wonders! These mascara wands are designed to spread the mascara evenly across your lashes and reach and coat even the tiniest of lashes, enabling your lashes to look longer and plusher.

Know your ingredients

Know what is in your mascara; look for products that use natural (and fair trade where possible) ingredients, particularly products that use natural oils like almond oil, true vegan coconut oil, jojoba oil and so forth. The natural oils moisturise the lashes and skin, and works to deeply penetrate and repair the follicles of your lashes. Combined with using flaxseed oil of an evening (see tip one), using mascara with natural oils increases the effect accentuating the moisturising and repairing properties.

Line and define your eyes

Eyeliner is essential if you want to create the look of thick and luscious looking lashes. There are several techniques you can use when applying eyeliner, make sure you choose the one to best suit your eye shape.

  • A little eyeliner placed on the outer corners of your lower lids will highlight your eyes and make them appear larger.
  • Unless you have large eyes, refrain from applying dark eyeliners inside your lids, as they will make your eyes look smaller.
  • When you apply eyeliner to the top and bottom lid, make sure that they meet at the outer corner.
  • For a discreet daytime eyeliner, apply a little eyeliner to the lower lashes only.
  • If you are looking a little tired or in need of some refreshing line the inside of eyes with a white eye pencil to make them look more bright and awake.
  • Eye liners do not have to come in a pencil form. Makeup experts often use eye shadows to make up some of the best crowd stopping eyeliners. For a deep and precise line take an eyeliner brush, wet it, then dab the wet brush into the pot of eye shadow. Glide the eye shadow along the lash line. You can also use eye shadows without wetting the eyeliner brush first. 
  • For a soft and natural eyelash line, use a eyeshadow brush to gently smudge/brush over the applied eyeliner.

The correct application technique

Your eyes are the window to your soul you need them to stand out. To get lashes that make a statement follow these directions to give the illusion of bigger and more dramatic eyes.

  • First you always have to curl your lashes before applying your mascara. To curl your lashes simply look straight ahead into the mirror and position the curlers around the upper lashes, ensuring that you do not catch any skin. Press down firmly for a count of 10. Then roll the curler upwards and away while still gripping the lashes. Release and repeat on the other eye.
  • Now it is time to add some oomph with a natural mascara. It is best to use two different types of mascara for example have volumising mascara and lengthening mascara. Coat the lashes with the first mascara and then do a second coat in the alternate mascara. Keep building up coats until you have the desired length and volume. Go for a more natural and soft look by choosing to use brown mascara instead of black.
  • After you are happy with the application grab a eyelash brush or an old mascara wand that has no mascara on in  -then gently brush the eyelashes to separate the lashes so that you have no clumping lashes.