Connect With Your Inner Beach Goddess

Oh the bliss of summer with balmy days spent relaxing on the beach with invigorating sea breezes, warm kisses from the sun, coconut creams, kaftans, shells, dolphins and sea salt gently misting your hair. These are the kind of days that leave you feeling inspired and uplifted yet totally relaxed. 

Sounds inviting? Read on to discover how you can bring the spirit of the beach into your everyday life. 

The truth is that for most of us, as much as we would love to spend the days frolicking by the beach, we have jobs and commitments that need to be met. You don’t need the ocean, sand and sea breeze to encapsulate the spirit of the beach goddess; you just have to ignite her within your own heart. 

Here are six ways you can ignite the beach goddess within you today:

Mist Your Hair With Sea Salt Spray:

Create sexy beach tresses by spraying your damp hair with a Sea Salt Spray and then scrunch your hair and leave to dry naturally. You could also try running a curling iron through your dried sea salt hair for a little more curls. Most of the sea mist sprays that you can buy are simply superfluous Not to mention expensive and full of chemicals. Instead, arm yourself with this homemade Sea Salt Spray to bring the beach to you. This DIY hair product is simple, cheap and makes you look like you’ve just stepped off your favorite shoreline.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 cup of water
4 or 5 drops of the essential oil of your choosing, think beachy (vanilla or coconut)
2 teaspoons of sea salt
Spray bottle (you’re bound to have one available for reuse from an old or outdated product)

Here’s what to do:
Just load your ingredients into your spray bottle – that’s it!

Bask In The Sunshine: 

To get the healthy summer glow and become a sunshine goddess you don’t have to bake your skin to trauma. Like all things in nature we need a daily dose of sunshine to help top up our vitamin D levels. Simply spend twenty minutes in the mid-morning sunshine reading a book, taking a walk, people watching or savouring the moment. If you are stuck at work for the day, then make sure that you get outside for your tea or lunch break. Let the warmth of the sun infuse you with vitamins, energy and happiness.

Moisturise Yourself With Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is rich in vitamins that feed and nourish the skin. It makes for a great makeup remover, body oil, and for most people a facial moisturiser. The smell is very earthy and grounding, I personally prefer the rawness of its smell, however you could always add a few drops of either essential oil or one of our botanical perfumes to make it more luxe. Make sure when buying coconut oil you are not supporting the unethical treatment of monkeys in Thailand and Sri Lanka, which is why we only ever use coconut products from the Pacific Islands to ensure we are not supporting this cruel industry. You can read more about the unethical treatment of monkeys in the coconut trade business over at my blog.

Wear Kaftans: 

Every woman needs a kaftan – they are versatile, stylish and timeless. A kaftan is the jewel of summer; it inspires free spirit, beauty and creativity – everything that represents the boho culture. Forget those tent like kaftans from the past; creative designers have given a new lease of life to the humble kaftan. Beautiful billowing chiffon, creates a dreamy masterpiece – a look that is casual yet elegant. Simply slip the kaftan over your swimsuit for walks along the beach or dress it up a little by complementing it with classy wedge heels and a piece of statement jewellery.

Choose a kaftan colour to help balance and harmonise yourself. Some colour meanings are:

Red = proactive, confidence, courage and vitality.
Pink = love, beauty and enchantment
Brown = balanced, earthy, order and grounded.
Orange = energy, vitality, confidence and endurance.
Gold = wisdom, clarity, knowledge and wealth.
Yellow = wisdom, joy, happiness and intellectual energy.
Green = life, nature, fertility, well-being and health.
Blue = serenity, calm, spirituality, truth and peace.
Purple = royalty, magic and mystery.
Indigo = intuition, meditation and deep contemplation.
White = purity, love, compassion and gentleness.

Wear The Smell Of Summer

Treat yourself to a summery fragrance that will transport you to sandy beaches and balmy nights in a single spritz. Scents with notes of coconut and vanilla will take you away to tropical paradises whilst orange blossom and jasmine evoke sun-soaked Mediterranean villages amongst the blooms. And let's face it, dousing yourself in the scents of summer is a lot easier than finding last-minute flights to that beach paradise.

For a summer perfume that captures the essence of timeless femininity try our Sun-Kissed Botanical Perfume. An exotic and sweet fragrance that is the nostalgia of balmy summer nights spent walking along white sandy beaches with the gentle lapping of turquoise ocean waters.

Be Free-spirited:

Unlock your worries, open your heart and let your dreams fly wide and high. Drop all cares about worrying about what other people think  –  choose to live by your own truth and code of ethics. Connect with your own true nature and have the courage to let it shine out into the world. Always speak and act from the heart. Take the time to chill out and unwind, spending quality time in self-reflection so that you can ascertain your goals, prioritise your time and connect with your inner creative. A free-spirited soul knows that happiness is not a destination and that it can be found today. Its about choosing to love, experience and breathe in life with all its intricacies, madness and beauty.