Don't Know Your Passion? Then Follow Your CuriosityI have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein


Today I want to talk about finding your life purpose. Apparently, we all have one.

Now, I don't know about you, but I am 43 and still seeking out my life purpose.  

Knowing instantly what your true purpose is, this absolute surety only comes to a lucky few. Meanwhile, the rest of us must fumble our way through life trying to figure it out, experiencing many moments of lack and that something big must be missing from our own lives.  

Are you confused, lost and have no idea what drives you? Have you lost your passion and zest for life? Are you in a constant struggle to find your purpose? Then hopefully todays blog re-sparks you.

Today I want to bring forward curiosity and carefree wandering. For perhaps, maybe it is one of the most essential characteristics to living a happy and purpose-filled life. Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland and Curious George all did it – sure they may have got off track for a while, however there were always big lessons to be learned from their curiosity.

The more you look around and expose yourself to different people, places, and things, the more curious you will become and the more life-changing questions you will ask.

If you choose to explore these questions then you will learn what you like and don’t like, you will know what you believe or don’t believe and most importantly you will get to know yourself better.

Great ideas and experiences come from good questions. If you don’t know the answer or if something intrigues you, then follow it up, it may just take you somewhere new.

Following curiosity can get tough. Because to be curious, you have to admit that you don’t know what you’re doing, or where you’re going.

You probably have other things that need to be done, and plenty other sensible directions to follow. And when someone asks you what you’re up to, it’s hard to justify doing something out of sheer curiosity.

But if you keep exploring and trusting your curiosity to lead you where it will, you will make some interesting discoveries. Every so often, your curiosity will develop into a new interest, fascination and maybe even a little enthusiasm. And once in a while, you’ll discover something amazing.

It’s easier to be curious when you go out of your way to see new things. It means noticing something that you have never noticed before, it’s about looking for the small beauties in everyday life. It means next time you go to collect your mail from the mailbox, look around you, be present in the moment and notice the smell of the flowers, the children riding their bikes or the elderly couple going for a walk and holding hands.

Curiosity gets you excited about the moment, and truth is, that if you are living every moment choosing to feel inspired, happy and content with the now - then you are living in-purpose. 

It is about developing a deep understanding and respect of the world around you yet never losing your sense of humour. It requires for you to see the joy in ordinary things and embrace “carefree wandering” so that you can move through life with a free and happy heart, regardless of how turbulent the journey might be. 

Dare to step outside your comfort zone and go out and explore, experience and appreciate everything that this amazing world has to offer. ​

We are all born with a little curiosity within. Ask yourself. [1] What makes you wonder? [2] What are you questioning? [3] What piques your interest a little?

If you have lost enthusiasm or ‘that spark’ for life, don’t sweat it. Back off for a while. But don’t go idle, either. Make an effort to seek out a new adventure and allow for a little carefree wandering. Take a trip, a trip anywhere, somewhere you have never been. It could be your local farmers market, a local art or language class or it could be offering your services to your local animal shelter. If you’re not sure where to start then just go somewhere that piques your interest a little, because the thing about new adventures and carefree wandering is that with their humble, roundabout ways – you never know what you will find.

At the very least, carefree wandering will keep you pleasantly distracted while life sorts itself out. At the very most, carefree wandering will give you a deeper understanding and respect for all of life.

My advice to you – next time when a new idea piques your curiosity, even if you can’t see any relevance to your other activities, give it the benefit of the doubt and follow it up. Just for the hell of it. You never know where it will take you.

Have fun following your curiosity and embracing carefree wandering.