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Sleep is something that many of us don't over-think - unless we have a chronic sleep disorder. Truth is, sleep is fascinating. There is something very magical, mysterious and healing about those 8 hours of nightly shut-eye.

In today’s modern era, quality sleep is a luxury that so many of us don’t prioritise, make time for or know where to start. Many of us are guilty of ignoring the signs of tiredness in order to finish those late night projects, go out and socialise with friends or binge-watch the latest Netflix series. A quality night’s sleep is crucial to both our physical and our mental health.

With the rise of daily pressure, overwhelm and everyday busyness - insomnia, sleep issues and lack of sleep is fast on the rise. We spend our days optimising our waking hours, doing our best to ensure we eat well, stay hydrated, indulge in things we enjoy and be proactive towards our dreams, goals and aspirations.

However, what about those precious hours we spend sleeping [or trying to sleep]?

Many would argue that in order to live a productive and successful life that less sleep is better. Believing that the more we strive within our waking hours the more we will accomplish - and that napping, downtime and sleeping is only for the unmotivated or lazy.

Actually, truth be told, this very same opinion is widely held by modern day culture. The art of quality sleep is starting to become long forgotten as many of us hit our beds way too late only to wake up feeling foggy, tired, restless and desperate for that first sip of morning wake-up juice - AKA caffeine.

But what if I told you that a consistent habit of getting a quality nights sleep is the only remedy you need to become all that you wish to become. Sleep is the most active time for our brains, it is when our body heals and renews and it is the most important element to a more clearer, calmer and happier life.

Sleep affects everything you do. How healthy you are and how well you do things comes down to how much quality sleep you have had. Every aspect of life can be improved ten-fold when we get enough sleep.