In today’s episode I talk with Patsy Balacchi, a Feng Shui consultant, on the power of feng shui and discover how this ancient practice can support our wellness and bring more harmony and balance into our life.

Patsy talks about how feng shui is the key to wellness - focusing on the relationship we hold with our home, ourselves, and the outside world.

Patsy talks about how important it is to show up for ourselves and others, for the more positive energy and genuine intention we direct into these relationships the more we can sustain healthy harmonious relationships with ourselves, others, and the planet.

Historically there are 5 elements to feng shui - wood metal, fire water and earth.

Over time, Feng Shui masters evolved to believe that these five elements all generate an unseen energy that flows through every living thing on earth they call this energy Qi

The easier this energy flows around us the happier, calmer and more harmonised we will become.

Things like reducing clutter, keeping the home clean, bringing in natural elements and having gratitude for all the things that we have in our space- help to unblock stagnant energy so that the energy or chi can move freely around the home.

When we take action on making our homes and workspaces feel and look better, we develop a sense of feeling stronger, happier and healthier. Creating an environmental sanctuary for the body to rest, relax and restore allows the whole body to calm and reset. A relaxed mind and body brings about a healthy and harmonious mind and body.

Part of Feng shui in the home is about making an indoor environment feel like an outdoor environment by filling the home with a balance of the five Feng Shui elements.

Wood relates to growth and health, so some decorative driftwood or wooden bowls are great

Fire fuels physical energy, passion and creativity so candles work perfectly

Earth helps with knowledge and stability, so anything made of stone is recommended in the home or maybe some healing crystals that resonate with you or a potted plant

Metal cultivates strength focus and independence, a vase, photo frame, furniture or some artwork help bring this element into the home

And lastly water is all about wealth. Turn off all those dripping taps so you're not leaking any good fortune and try adding a bowl of floating candles or a vase of fresh flowers around the home.

Something that I personally love to do is hold a cleansing and resetting ritual in my home. I do this first by opening my windows to let my home breathe. I then spend some time cleaning and decluttering my space – whether that is my clothes closet, office, or the top drawer in my kitchen – from experience I know that the more space I create in my home the more abundance flows within.

As I let go of excess clutter, I thank it for the purpose it served and then release it. After spending some time cleaning and decluttering I reset and cleanse the energy of my home by doing a cleansing ceremony using selenite and a sage stick. Or depending on how I feel I may use a prayer bowl, incense and chant.

Circling each room in in a clockwise fashion to release old stagnant negative energy. This is one of my favourite harmonising rituals to do - and whilst it is simple it truly does have a profound effect on everything from my home, my mind, my wellbeing to the abundances and opportunities that flow into my life.

Patsy and I talked about how to harmonise your life with feng shui principles, from personal wellbeing, minding your energy to tips to feng shui your home. We also talked about how to contribute to a more peaceful and kinder planet as well as her upcoming retreat.

I really enjoyed talking with Patsy and I hope you enjoy listening. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show.

You can connect with Patsy for a retreat, for a feng shui consultation or just simply check in with her online for a dose of inspiration. She can be found at:

Instagram: @myzenotica