Every weekend, on Saturday morning AEST I send out my OM Weekender via email. The OM Weekender is not exactly like a newsletter, it contains a personal reflection letter from myself along with a handful of free resources that I have mindfully created to bring more joy and mindfulness to your inbox and your weekend.

The OM Weekender is where I spend a lot of my time and like to hang out - especially since I am no longer on social media. It is a space I have intentionally curated to connect with like-minded souls who have a passion for wholehearted living.

My weekend letters are written from the heart about what’s really going on — in my life, in my business, my struggles, my successes. It covers everything from what I’m learning about natural and seasonal living, how I’m using natural remedies and rituals through the seasons and how I am savouring the simple luxuries of life. Each newsletter includes the latest blog posts, meditations and my favourite brands, products, places and books that  I love and think you will as well, so on and so forth.

These letters are my story, and I write them in hope of connecting with the reader and creating a space to come together as a community, in an authenticity and uplifting way.

While my letters are about my own journey, thoughts and reflections, it is my hope that receiver will find parts of them that resonate, nurture, inspire and connect.

These letters connect us together, imperfections and all, reminding us to take the time to pause, breathe and tune inward; enabling us to reflect on the seasons, the lessons, the everyday ordinary and most importantly giving us the space to focus on what truly matters most to us individually.

When you sign up for my OM Weekender, you’ll be the first to get the new releases of my meditations, healing rituals, yoga practices. Plus you will get access to my quarter edition of the Slow Seasonal Living Collective [for subscribers only] — completely for FREE.

I am in the process of creating a private membership circle and resource library for all those who are subscribed to my OM Weekender. It is my hope that this nurturing community circle will will invite you to slow down and take some time for yourself.

In my free community circle you will find free printables, downloads, worksheets, recipes, and discounts for my favorite natural living products. Each of these items is designed to support and guide you as you pursue slow, intentional moments in your days.

You’ll also get occasional updates on things happening at Botanical Trader, The OM Collective and Sugarloaf Cottage, Eco Retreat + Wildlife Sanctuary; such as the latest news, new products, giveaways, live retreats and product information you may be interested in. I also try to include some sort of slow living tip, DIY, Meditation or recipe for you in each letter in hope of bringing a little more intention, mindfulness and joy into your week.

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I’ve been subscribed to your list since 2012 and i just want to reach out and tell you how much I enjoy getting your weekend letter. Every Saturday it is my ritual to make a cup of coffee, get cosy and read your weekend letter. It starts my weekend off perfectly.  I appreciate all the love and work you put into them and just wanted to send some love your way! — Nicole

The weekend letter brightens up my weekend. Thank you for all the hard work and love you put into it. I can feel your energy when I read it - it brings me so much joy and warmth. Thank you Claire. — Indie Rose

Claire I wanted to reach out to you and send you a huge thank you for this beautiful weekend letter about self-care and boundaries- it was exactly what I needed today. — Sandra

The weekend letter is full of so much inspiration and helpful tips. They truly have helped me become more mindful and present in my day to day activities. Thanks for all the efforts you put in - it certainly does not go unnoticed in my neck of the woods - Paul

Thanks for todays letter Claire. This was just so beautiful to read - one of my favourites yet. Sending you love and hope you are well. - Robyn