“The Earth has music for those who listen.” – William Shakespeare

It's been said that noticing and giving attention to things outside yourself is one of the greatest and purest forms of generosity. However, when I take the time to become present and tune into the moment and the experience I feel like I am the one receiving the gift. Tuning in and becoming one with nature is an example of this.

Nature, like us, is alive. When we spend time in nature, all its goodness permeates our mind, body, soul. It positively affects our mood, our health and our own perception of the world around us. 

The sights, sounds, smells, textures and taste in the air bring our senses alive, and nature invites us to slow down and become present.

When you follow paths through nature - do you ever feel like it is healing you?

Nature helps to reduce stress, calm anxiety and slows our breath, heart and pace of life down. It boosts our immunity, and anywhere from an hour a day out in nature helps us get a better night of sleep, rest and rejuvenation.

Nature helps keep us grounded, present and slows our racing unsettled mind. It is good for our mental well-being, mood and all-round energy. Being in nature makes us happy and energised.

When we take moments to absorb, appreciate and awe at nature, we increase our own social awareness and impact on others - we become more kinder, empathetic, patient and generous.

Incredibly, just looking at nature in a magazine, artwork or on the screen can help relax and rejuvenate us.

Connecting with nature feeds our mind-body-spirit -  it doesn't matter whether it’s a local nature reserve walk with your dog, a simple picnic in the garden, eating more plant foods or bringing nature indoors with seashells, dried botanicals and rocks that you have collected on your journeys.

It's about cleansing the link with nature, so that you can feel her energy and let it fuel you. Its that re-connection to the world around us and the reminder that we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves that instantly restores our sense of perspective, peace and clarity.

Finding ways to build your connection to nature is the best form of therapy there is.  You don't have to leave the city to experience nature. We all have access to nature, it could be through a potted plant, a small veggie patch, a bunch of flowers or that tiny weed growing from the cracks of the concrete pavement. Take 5 minutes today to connect with nature. You may want to sit outside in your garden, take a walk in your local park or simply just watch a tree through the window of your home or office.  If you have no access to nature then bring up a beautiful nature scene on your phone, computer or tv. Take a moment to get quiet and listen. Does nature speak to you? Write down what you hear, what you feel, what you think as you are spending this 5 minutes with nature.

Spend the five minutes fully present and immersed in the experience.  Engage all your senses, and go from "doing" to "being". Feel, live and breathe the experience in the present moment rather than getting caught up in your thoughts.

Give yourself the opportunity to really settle in and feel a genuine connection with nature. Observe all the different layers of nature from the smallest insects buzzing in the flowers, to the clouds floating in the sky.

Notice how you feel while taking time out to connect with nature.

  • Are there any changes to your physical, mental and emotional state? 
  • Are your senses heightened? 
  • How does nature make you feel?
  • How would you describe the change taking place in your mind and body?
  • Do you feel connected to something bigger? If so what is that like.
  • Do you have an increase of joy, happiness or inner peace?

It’s very common for our emotional states to completely shift to being more positive and inspired after spending a few mindful minutes in nature. 

If you’re new to all of this, or if you live a very hectic and busy lifestyle then it will probably take a little longer for you to hear nature speak.

However with time and practice, you will gradually become aware of the effect nature has on your overall well-being. 

The more you make time to connect with nature the more deeper your appreciation for life will be. The deeper you will understand yourself and your place in the natural world. You will grow a new awareness, awe and deeper appreciation for all of life that surrounds you. Realising that in order for everything to survive it must co-exist in harmony with each other. 

This is a practice that you can repeat on a daily or weekly basis to keep yourself in a state of calm and inner-contentment.

Follow  and join us for the next 13 days as we commit to doing one simple task to connect more with nature.  We will be sharing a nature challenge daily and we would love for you to share yours and tag us on instagram @botanicaltrader 

We want to invite you, your friends, your children and your entire family to complete  some simple nature-centred tasks to help refresh and recharge your mind, body and soul and bring a little more nature goodness into your daily life. 
“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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