The cooler months of autumn and winter are a time to honour the yin energy. The cooler days are when our yin energy is at its height – it’s a softer, gentler, and slower energy.

These cooler seasons are a time to slow down, turn inwards and reflect. It is a time to adopt a slower rhythm, gifting us with a little time and space to reflect on what is and isn’t working in our life. It is a time to know ourselves more deeply and reorient ourselves if need be – so that when the renewal and re-birthing season of spring is upon us – we have the energy to seed new dreams, new beginnings, and new ways of being.

There is great beauty found in living alongside the seasons of the year. For this simple treasure of life is often forgotten as we become more and more disconnected from our own true nature and the natural rhythm of life thanks to the noise of Silicon Valley's seasons of technology.

We witness the first signs of summer's passing in golden leaves, shortening days, foggy mornings, and the autumn glow over the landscape.

Autumn invites us to give thanks for the seeds that have grown over the year, for the harvests gathered, for the full storehouses, and for the mouths it has fed.

Autumn also invites us to rest in gratitude for the new opportunities and experiences that have grown for us over the year, for the wisdom gathered, for the more resilient and inspired our heart has become, and for the nourishment it has fed our soul.

As the good earth rests through winter's cold embrace, we look forward to its re-awakening when kissed by Spring's first touch.

As we welcome the yin energy of the cooler months, may the earlier setting of the sun remind us to live at a gentler and slower pace, to take time to rest and most importantly to let life love and nurture us rather than us trying so hard to love life.
This season of slowdown invites us to let go of past regrets and self-sabotaging habits, and to simplify life so that we can rest, renew, and create space for the things that matter.

During the cooler months commit to wandering through the golden fields of acceptance, grace, and gratitude as you savour the simple joys of life. Give yourself permission to hit pause and to stop all the “doing” so that you can breathe in the simple joys and little luxuries that both Autumn and Winter bring. Get quiet enough within to hear the voice of the cooler season whisper within.

Use this season to lay strong and grounded foundations for an abundant harvest for the year ahead. Here are seven simple yet ever so luxe ideas on embracing and savouring the season of yin energy.


Lose Track Of Time And Wander In The Garden Or In Nature 

The cooler months invite us to start our day when the sun rises, getting outdoors and only coming inside for a pot of tea or to begin the afternoon wind-down ritual.

The brilliant colours of the leaves and the abundant flowering finale of the flowers remind us of the wonder and beauty of nature.

The steam of the breath in the morning crisp air reminds us that the breath is life, and how important it is to slow down and become mindful and present throughout each inhale and exhale.

The Autumn harvest; from collecting flower seeds, planting bulbs, preserving quince to drying lavender reminds us of life’s simple luxuries and for all the things to be grateful for.


Afternoon Wind-down Rituals

For me personally it is a season where days are bookended by a hot shower, some lavender aromatherapy, and maybe a short meditation before preparing dinner. What brings you joy while restoring your mind and body? Maybe gentle stretches, reading a book, watching a documentary, or baking an apple pie. Find something that you can savour and look forward to at the end of a cool day.


Cooking with Seasonal Produce

There is no more comforting ritual for me than welcoming the day’s end, with the aroma of something delicious, slowly simmering on the stove, whilst admiring the golden colours of the setting sun out the kitchen window. Whether it is a home-made soup, roast pumpkin, vanilla and cinnamon stewed pears or a warm apple cider – get curious about the seasonal produce and how you can use it to cook meals the nourish both the body and soul.


Create a Cosy Sitting Corner In Your Home 

Recently, I spent a weekend cleaning, decluttering and re-arranging my attic to become a cosy nook in my home as the cooler months set in The heat from the fireplace below rises up, I have a beautiful rug, comfortable armchair, some plants, a candle, my writing desk and a basket filled of incense, oils and sage sticks.

Find a space within your home that calls you into it, a space that feels warm, inviting and nurturing. Put your favourite things in it. Make it a regular ritual to retreat and unwind within the space.


Fluffy Socks and A Good Book

End the evening by having a hot shower and putting on your most comfortable and soft fluffy socks or slippers. Dim the lights, get comfy in your favourite chair [maybe even by the fire if you are lucky] and get completely lost in a good book. Not only will the author take you on a new journey, adventure or introduce you to a new world, reading books before bed is a great way to slow down the mind and prepare it for a restful nights sleep.


Hot Tea [Or Chocolate] with Cookies

A good day ends sipping hot tea and dunking a cookie or two in it - and of course homemade cookies are always the best. This ritual will warm and steep the soul, whilst feeding and satisfying your sweet tooth craving.


Find Stillness

There is a voice within that always speaks to us at the end of the day. It gently says to us “Slow right down, settle and rest. All is safe and well in your sanctum. Savour the evening, and rest well for the opportunities of tomorrow”.

Do you have a gentle voice that speaks to you at the unwinding of another day? If so, what does it whisper to you? If not, see if you can do something that quietens you enough to hear it speak to you. You can try sitting alone, meditating, doing a gentle yoga session or taking a walk out in nature.