Bring Simplicity & Beauty into your day with Luxury Stationary

One of my favourite things about this time of year is card writing & calendar season.  I love the tactile experience of stationary, paper, wrapping, cards & ribbon, so thoughtfully picking & writing Christmas cards & wrapping gifts for those who mean the most to me is something I look forward to. 


It is also a time where I spend hours devouring various creations to seek out my perfect organisational companion for the year ahead. Buying a unique & special calendar or diary as the year reaches an end is an unmissable tradition for myself and thousands of people worldwide. I know I am not alone in those who still appreciate pen and paper, a handwritten card, the feeling of flipping the pages of a diary & those who prefer writing milestones & events on a wall or desk calendar instead of adding to our cluttered iphone schedule. 


Today so much of our life and day-to-day is managed digitally with our google calendars, outlook, apps, alarms & notifications.  Years gone by a new calendar or daily planner was a staple & kindly received Christmas gift for family & friends. Gifting a good quality calendar is actually like gifting 12 mini artworks for the home that can be rotated throughout your year.  I invite & encourage you to reinstate the tradition of gifting calendars and allowing yourself and others to enjoy the monthly ritual of signing off each month of the year as you turn the page and look forward to what is to come in the month ahead. 


It was for this very reason I decided to work with serval artists to create a beautiful calendar. As the days, weeks and months go by, take time to slow down and appreciate the mindfully curated artwork of the month. My Atelier Calendar is very unique as each month you can display 2 different artworks as the calendar is reversible to cater for all the seasons in the different hemispheres. There are 24 different artworks, with one side being themed with beautiful botanicals and rustic-chic aesthetics, and the other side is a little more old-world charm.


I don't believe that the art of letter writing, thoughtful cards, calendars & paper diary's have been lost.  We just need to remind ourselves to take mindful moments for gratitude, reflection & connection, remembering to engage in the simple things that we have always valued and enjoyed. 


I would love for you to explore my little creation & if you want to add some beauty to your day you can purchase my calendar & see all 24 artworks here >>>>