Our Expert's Guide To Applying Make-up

No amount of makeup is ever going to completely cover blemishes and wrinkles which is why it is crucial you look after your skin from the inside out with healthy eating, mindful breathing, exercise, drinking water and having a holistic skin care routine

As a previous beauty therapist who did the occasional wedding make-up, I would commonly get called in at the 11th hour before a wedding and asked to cover up under eye circles in a way that won’t highlight the fine lines under their eyes, which could have been easily controlled in the weeks leading up to the wedding, by taking better care of the skin Whilst makeup shouldn’t replace a good skincare routine, it definitely has its place in any woman’s life.

Get a good makeup routine going right from the start by investing in some high quality natural products. Whilst it may seem like the $10 makeup from the supermarket will suffice, and does the same job, this is often deceptive. Often, you end up using less of the more expensive product, which means that you actually end up saving money. Not only this, the natural products are actually better for your skin, and won’t clog your pores, leaving your skin looking better over the long term.

Whilst we have covered the majority of make-up techniques in the blog post you may find that wearing a lot of make-up doesn't suit your lifestyle. I suggest you do an audit on your lifestyle, what amount of makeup works best for you and invest in just a few good items which you’ll end up using all the time. There’s no point having a cupboard full of products which you just end up throwing out because you never use them, or you don’t know how to, or you don’t feel comfortable using them.

Please enjoy our experts guide to applying make-up, and please remember no amount of make-up will make you look and feel beautiful if you don't have self-appreciation, kindness, love and gratitude within your heart.

Define Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of your face they frame your eyes. You need to tread lightly when altering your eyebrows as the mistake of one over-plucked hair can lead to major eyebrow mishaps. For eyebrow perfection follow these insider secrets.

Start With Skin Hydration

Before the application of foundation, it is essential to moisturise with a high-quality moisturiser or face serum (I use a facial oil). This will help in achieving the best result when applying make-up as it will temporarily plump up lines and wrinkles, help the foundation to glide on easily and smoothly, and will aid in the blending and application of foundation – especially in colder climates. Overall moisturising skin before applying foundation will give you that sought after flawless look.

Pick The Right Base

Picking the right foundation for your skin tone and type can be a difficult process. Different brands have different shades making it difficult to find the right one for you.

A common mistake people make when purchasing a foundation is choosing a foundation based on how light or dark their skin is, when really the secret is to
 look at the undertones of your skin.

We are all either neutral, cool or warm; so next time you’re shopping for foundation, take a little extra time to shop around and find a product that is perfect for you.

Cool: If you’re classified as having a ‘cool’ undertone, the veins on your inner wrist will appear blue, you’ll tend to flush pink when in the sun and burn easy. When looking for a foundation you should look for ones that use a rosier, redder or blue base; these colours will work together with your skin to produce an even colour, without producing shadows, appearing too light or too dark, and will help to give your skin a natural glow.

Warm: If you’re ‘warm’, the veins on your wrist will appear green rather than blue and you will quickly bronze or darken in the sun.As your skin generally has more melanin, you are less likely to feel the impact of harsh lighting or the sun, therefore purchasing a foundation that has a golden or yellow base is the right match for you.

Neutral: Neutral ladies are the envy of everyone; you’re the girls who can pull off any shade of lipstick, any eye shadow and any hair colour – lucky girls! The same goes for foundation, while you need to ensure the tone of the colour is right for your skin, the undertone or base of the product can be red, blue or yellow. Many neutrals find they opt for a golden or yellow base foundation in the warmer months and blue-based in the cooler months.

Now that you’ve identified your undertone, you’re set to identify the right foundation for your skin. Dip a Q-tip into the foundation container and apply it to the centre of your jawline along the side of your face, the space between your chin and the top of your jaw below your ear. The foundation should be invisible; you shouldn’t notice a change in tone or colour in the area you’ve applied with foundation and if you do, this isn’t the right shade for you.

Apply Your Base

Foundation comes in many forms, with the four main types of foundation being liquid, cream, stick and powder.  With each type comes a different finish and level of coverage.  If you are after a light coverage I personally would skip the foundation and just go straight for a natural bronzer.

Foundations fall into one of four major categories:

Liquid: This is most popular foundation type as it offers sheer coverage and has the most au naturel look. Most women prefer a liquid foundation due to ease of application and because it fits like a ‘second skin’ – this is why it’s so important to ensure it matches your complexion. Liquid foundation can be applied with a brush, a sponge or can even be dabbed on with your fingertips and applied in a circular motion. For a dewy finish apply the liquid foundation with a damp sponge.

Cream: Prone to dry skin? Use a cream foundation; it’s the number one choice of makeup artists so it must be a great option. They generally come in compact cases or sticks, and are renowned for providing good coverage. Great for a night out, cream foundations can provide a creamy flawless finish but be sure not to emphasise thin lines around the eyes as this can happen due to its heavier base. For a dewy finish apply with a damp sponge.

Stick: The stick is practically a two-in-one foundation, given that it also acts as a concealer. Sticks are great at covering scars, birthmarks and larger imperfections that other foundation forms would just gloss over, and sometimes accentuate. It’s also a great travelling foundation due to its pocket size that fits with ease in a small handbag or clutch. The best application method is to use a foundation brush to pick the pigment up from the stick and then blend it into the skin. Stick foundation works a treat for those who want medium to heavy coverage and a more matte finish.

Powder: A powder foundation is a great on-the-go foundation or works a treat as a bathroom touch-up saviour. The benefits of a powder foundation are its nonclogging formula and lightweight feel. Powders suit those with oily skin or those that are prone to acne, however take care not to apply too frequently as it can dry out naturally dry skin. Loose Powder Foundation applies evenly and blends easily to give a natural looking complexion with a radiant finish. Once again for a dewy look blend the powder in with a damp sponge after it has been applied with a brush.

Foundation serves as the canvas for the rest of your makeup and the best ones blend smoothly and evenly. The perfect foundation should be natural, lightweight, sheer but with great buildable coverage, dewy, long lasting and easy to apply!


When it comes to natural looking skin it is important to remember that less is more!
Foundation or concealer can result in a flaky finish if not applied correctly or is the wrong product for your skin. Reduce the amount of make-up you are applying by focussing on darker areas, such as under the eyes, and apply concealer to
these areas only. To apply concealer to these darker areas, such as under the
eyes, use a finger to gently dab it out and blur the edges so it blends into your
foundation or skin tone.

Get Luscious Lashes

Your eyes are the window to your soul – you need them to stand out. Learn how to nourish your lashes with oil treatments as well as mascara application techniques that will have your lashes making a statement. Read more 

Choose Your Focus

When applying strong makeup (like smoky eyes or red lips) put the focus on either eyes or lips - never both. If you decide to play up your eyes then make sure you stick with a nearly nude lipstick to balance out the look. Or counter a bold lip statement with a sheer wash of beige or caramel eye shadow and mascara.

Perfect Lips

After your eyes, your lips are the most vulnerable area in the fight against ageing. Unlike your face, the skin that makes up your lips is much more delicate and finer – which makes them much more exposed to ageing. Read our guide to getting perfect lips which will cover how to look after them holistically plus how to apply and wear either lipstick, lip stain or lipgloss.

Be Cheeky

I can't live without my blush. For me personally I love the natural look of a little dusting of bronzer, blush, mascara and red lipstick/gloss.

Blush gives your face a vibrant and healthy lift. Don’t waste your time trying to contour high cheekbones when there is none to begin with. You will only end up with a bad 1980’s makeup job. All makeup artists agree that blush looks best when applied to the apple of the cheek this is where colour would normally rush to if you were embarrassed or flushed.

The apple is the round, lifted part of your cheek when you smile. To apply the blush simply smile and dust on some blush in a circular motion. Make sure that you blend the colour in with your hairline at the sides. Blush should always be the final step of your make-up routine.

Some Blushing rules:

  •   Find a blush colour that makes you look healthy and natural.

  •   A blush should blend naturally if you have to work extra hard to blend it in, then it is to dark or too bright.

  •   Own two different shades of blush: one that gives you a healthy and natural glow and one that is a little brighter for a pop of colour.