In the quiet, ordinary and everyday moments, we create the space to contemplate who we truly are and as a result our spirit blooms.

True contentment is found when we intentionally seek it in all that we do. Finding enjoyment in the everyday chores, seeing beauty in common places and seeking the extra-ordinary in the ordinary - this is the sacred art of living a life well lived.

It is our responsibility to see all the "common" beauty around us, to recognise its perfection, to be appreciative for the moment and then to savour it with every ounce of our being.


" l love that quiet time when nobody's up and the animals are all happy to see me" -Olivia Newton-John


How much does this quote from Olivia Newton-John make you smile. As I sit here at 4.30am writing this with my little rescued orphaned wombat crawling all over me - I couldn't think of a more perfect quote to start the day.

Don't you love those mornings when you get up early before the rest of the world has awoken and the quietness and stillness is so beautiful, calming yet brings with it an undercurrent of inspiration and opportunity. 

In these mornings when you go outside the beauty of simplicity seems to amplify, whether your taking a morning walk, watering your garden or sipping your cup of tea on the front porch. The sweetness of the morning breath does something to the senses and the birds gently chattering seem truly relaxed to have you around.

It is in these simple moments that life is truly lived to its full potential, it is these simple luxuries that bring calm, inner peace and enthusiasm to our days. 

Living a life embracing simple luxuries is a celebration of your senses while falling passionately in love with life despite all its complexities, compromises and contradictions. It is about finding beauty and awe in life, recipes, nature, chores, rituals, decorating, people and simplicity. 

Simple luxuries bring beauty and grace no matter what your income, location or situation. The slow, yet simple life is something that we can all achieve. Choose to seek quality rather than quantity, personal style instead of trendy fashion, truth instead of expectation, knowledge and compassion instead of resentment, gratitude instead of suffering and homemade comforts rather than commercially mass produced goods.

Today I want to take you into your day [and your future days ahead] with a few of my favourite ways to add simple luxuries into everyday moments. Try a few yourself today or this weekend and notice how every day moments quickly become filled with a little more magic.

With this new-found appreciation for the simple the self lightens up a little -gifting you with a more light and breezy outlook on life.


Enjoy and savour these 70 Simple Luxuries that you can add to your every-day: 

1. In summer start the day with fresh berries and in winter start the day with warm oats, grated apple, sultana's and cinnamon

2. Keep a journal – it can be a dream journal, gratitude journal or maybe a journal full of inspiring quotes.

3. Use a few drops of essential oil in your washing machine so that your clothes come out smelling heavenly. Learn how to get decedent crisp linen >>>

4. Pack a thermos and fresh homemade cookies and go for a walk in nature and stop off and have a picnic.

5. Wear hand-knitted socks.

6. Make a beautiful bed – with freshly laundered crisp sheets that smell like flowers. Read my how-to guide here >>>

7. Connect with Mother Nature and dig in the dirt – plant a garden of some sorts. Wear an oversized man’s blouse, some shorts, a big hat and sip on some homemade lemonade.

8. Bring fresh flowers into your home – place a small bunch in a recycled glass bottle next to your bed and one as you walk in your front door.

9. Use linen, bamboo or hemp cloth napkins for every meal.

10. Savour the smoothness of a dark chocolate truffle 

11. Get a beautiful cushion and lie on the floor and listen to some recorded affirmations, meditations and mantras. Access my free meditations here >>>

12. Get one of those free make-over's at your local department store and then go out for lunch-date with yourself.

13. Everyday use your favourite dinner set, tea cups and silverware.

14. At night just before bed sip on hot cashew mylk. Simply blend in blender 1-2 tablespoons of cashews with 300ml of hot water, 2-3 fresh medjool dates, a drop of vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon. 

15. Hunt down the old editions of National Geographic in your local charity shop. Forget time for a while why you take an adventurous journey into another world.

16. Set your dinner table before every meal.

17. Make yourself a green smoothie and pour and drink it from a beautiful glass. Savour the nourishment – imagine the nutrients feeding every cell in your body. For a little recipe inspiration get my free Green Smoothie E-book >>>

18. Put on some Italian music, sip some organic red wine, slip on your favourite apron and make your favourite home cooked meal.

19. Give yourself a DIY Botanical Face Steam. Read my guide here >>>

20. Have a warm epsom salt and lavender bath, put on your freshly washed robe and slippers, order take-in, pour a glass of wine and watch sex and the city re-runs.

21. Let your creative inspiration roam free – write, draw, paint, dance – and allow yourself to get lost in the moment.

22. Visit a second hand book store and rediscover books you loved as a child.

23. Always wear nice underwear, and your signature perfume.

24. Plant a window box of lavender, rosemary, thyme or sage.

25. Spend a retreat day at home. Pampering yourself, relaxing, reading, self-reflecting, meditating and stretching. For some ideas read my DIY home retreat article >>>

26. Embrace a little Wabi-Sabi in your home. Buy mix-matched pottery coffee cups from the local thrift store, rummage through garage sales for hand-made items [old paintings that get reframed are one of my favourites] or buy something hand-made off Etsy . Wabi-Sabi is about finding and savouring the beauty in the imperfections of hand-made. Read More Here >>>

27. Have a little afternoon rest time. In the afternoon have a hot shower, lather your body in some sweet almond oil , put on some comfortable clothes, grab your favourite book or podcast and then snuggle up in your favourite blanket.

28. Visit your local farmer’s market and smell the earthy aroma of the fresh fruits and veggies. Make something for dinner with your day's finds.

29. Go to a local café alone and mindfully sip your chai latte while people watching and savouring the ambience.

30. Go shopping for treasures at your local charity store; finding old vintage chests is always a treat.

31. Wear a scarf.

32. Gather up some magazines and cut out all your favourite pictures – then make a dream vision board.

33. Have a date with sunshine. Go for a walk in nature, feel the warmth of the sun soak into your skin.

34. Go to bed early and put a few drops of lavender oil in your oil burner for some shut eye bliss.

35. Greet each morning with a sacred morning ritual. Read my guide here >>>

36. Go for an ocean swim, let the rhythm of the waves gently rock your body and feel the gentle salt sea breeze kiss your skin.

37. Practice yoga every day for at least 15 minutes.

38. Keep fruit infused water in your fridge – simply chop up oranges, lemons, berries and put them in your water jug.

39. Visit a local arts and craft market.

40. Make your own jam, preserves and oils.

41. Burn some oils, put on your favourite guided meditation and drop to your butt and meditate.

42. Brew a pot of tea and drink it out of the prettiest tea-cup you can find in your home. Loose leaf tea's make for a more meditative practice.

43. Make some herbal potpourri pouches to hang in your closet – so each time you open your wardrobe you are seduced by thy aroma.

44. Turn off the television, turn on a lamp and read.

45. Make an old fashioned fruit pie - just like grandma did.

46. Be the light and serve up some random acts of kindness. It is not only therapy for the soul but it is good for the world. Get some kindness ideas here >>>

47. Sit down and create yourself a bucket list - put everything you want to do and see over the next 20 years.

48. Create a sacred space in your home. Read how-to here >>

49. Enliven your body with a gentle morning run.

50. Clean out, de-clutter and organise that top drawer that is filled with all those things that don't have a place.

51. Give away half your clothes and actually have space in your closet.

52. Walk on soft grass in bare feet.

53. Get up early enough to greet the new day and watch the sunrise.

54. Organise your underwear drawer  - folding every item neatly. It calms the mind like you won't believe.

55. Buy a record player and then go hunt out some records to play…a great vintage treat.

56. Write a letter to someone on pretty paper or surprise someone by posting them off a care-package.

57. Hang fairy lights outside in a tree or on your balcony and turn them on at night – it looks ever so enchanting.

58. If you live by the ocean, collect some seashells. If you live in the mountains or countryside collect rocks, dried seeds, bark and flowers. Put your treasures in a glass bowl and sit it somewhere in your home.

59. Let your home breath. Turn off all artificial light, raise the blinds, open up the windows in your house and let the breeze kiss your skin.

60. Grow some ivy or some other easy growing vine around your front door.

61. Organise your linen cupboard

62. Wear red lipstick or gloss.

63. In the afternoon relax and unwind with olives and red wine.

64. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.

65. Sit in a park and people watch - but you must avoid all judgement.

66. Make a nutritious homemade soup.

67. Buy some hessian grocery bags – the smell is so earthy and you’re doing your bit by not using plastic bags.

68. Several times a day take a moment to stop, breathe and just be. Take note of how you feel, the smells around you, the sensations in your body, the sounds - ground yourself and bring yourself back to the present moment. Mindful breathing is very healing - read more here >>>

69. Pamper yourself with a home body scrub. Grab some coconut oil, castor sugar and your favourite essential oils.

70. Collect a range of old clothes and up-cycle them into patchwork quilts, bags, cushion covers, eye pillows and so forth..