If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.- Meister Eckhart

Each new day that you are blessed to wake up to, you are given another chance to experience life. It is an opportunity to start over and learn something new. You are given the gift to see another sunrise, to hear the birds sing to you, to feel the fresh air in your lungs, to make new friends and to forgive past hurts, to enjoy the smell of your morning coffee, to play in the ocean, to jump in a puddle, to grow older and wiser, to brighten someone else’s day, to love and to be hurt, to laugh and to experience, to do the things you love, to risk it all and to just simply live.

Make the conscious choice to start living for today; each morning start the day with a grateful heart. Open your eyes, kiss the new day with a smile, then breathe in the morning air and say a huge “thank you.” Start being thankful for what you do have, choose to see the beauty in ordinary moments, find inspiration around you – the world is full of everyday miracles. Get curious about life, take a chance, embrace risks, walk the unknown path, and add a little spark to your day by doing something you would not normally do. Take notice of everything around you – the people, the smells, the sounds – for there is inspiration to be found everywhere.
Quit worrying about the past or the future. You can’t do anything about yesterday because it’s gone, and tomorrow is never guaranteed – no matter who you are.

Choose to only take care of today by embracing and savouring the moment. Choose to embrace the rawness and honesty of life – the pain, the laughter, the successes and the failures. Choose to see the beauty and miracle in everyday things and moments.
Here are just a few of my everyday moments that give me great pleasure, maybe they will do the same for you:

  • I savour the first sip of my morning chai tea.
  • I love opening up all the windows in my home to fill my space and heart with fresh air.
  • I get a buzz when my favourite song is played on the radio.
  • I feel humbled when receiving an encouraging email about my blog.
  • I find beauty in listening to the birds sing to me outside my window.
  • I savour the smell of my winter soup simmering on the stove top.
  • I feel fortunate enough to be inspired by everyday people.
  • I appreciate the feeling of bliss and harmony after my morning yoga class.
  • I embrace receiving a compliment.
  • I am truly grateful for the fresh water that spills out of my tap.
  • I embrace the sensuality of a hot shower.
  • I embrace the wisdom I have gained throughout the good and bad in my life.
  • I feel honoured to witness a kind act.
  • I admire sincere and honest people.
  • I am grateful for getting text messages from my friends and family – just to say hello.
  • I embrace and own my laugh lines.
  • I am astounded by the miracles of Mother Nature, such as an opening of a daisy first thing in the morning.
  • I am amazed at the knowledge and wisdom that my horse teaches me.
  • I am truly grateful that I have woken up to greet a new day.

Every day is filled with extraordinary moments. Stop trying to chase the superficial things of the world, and embrace what is all around you today. You truly have the gift of living; there are miracles everywhere. Choose to see them and enjoy them, with each new day brings new experiences filled with endless possibilities.

You don’t hold this gift forever, so from today forward, go out and embrace life and all its simple luxuries.

A great way to tap into gratitude and the present moment is to create your own little morning ritual. Read my post on how to create a morning ritual here >>>


To finish off this post I want to conclude with a “Thank You” Poem

Thank you CLARITY for suddenly allowing everything to make perfect sense.
Thank you FEAR for all the times when somebody has said “yes” when I expected to hear “No”
Thank you PAIN for making me stronger.
Thank you LONELINESS for allowing me to appreciate the people who matter most.
Thank you SELF-BELIEF for all the times I succeeded in doing something that I never thought I was capable of doing.
Thank you SELF-WORTH for all times that I have looked in the mirror and liked what I saw.
Thank you BEAUTY for allowing me to witness an act of kindness between two people.
Thank you KINDNESS for all the times that I accidentally overheard someone say something nice about me.
Thank you CONSEQUENCE for teaching me about being aware of my actions.
Thank you LOVE for the rush I get when I see the person who makes my heart beat fast, even if it’s just for a few seconds in the hallway.
Thank you ADVERSITY for opening my mind and teaching me a lesson.
Thank you TIME for the wisdom I have grown.
Thank you LOYALTY to all the honest relationships I have had…where there have been no secrets or lies.
Thank you FRIENDSHIP for all the people who make me smile just by thinking of them.
Thank you FORGIVENESS for all the people who have given me a second chance.
Thank you SOULMATE for the opportunity to experience true love, even if it didn’t last forever.
Thank you LAUGHTER for all the times my cheeks ached from laughing too much.
Thank you ETERNAL LIFE for the good memories of Grandma Jessie, who has passed away, but still manages to make me smile.
Thank you HUSBAND for all the times I have been upset and you have made me smile.
Thank you CHRISTMAS for the soft glow of fairy lights.
Thank you SUNSHINE for your warm embrace.
Thank you SPONTANEITY for random experiences, they’re always exhilarating.
Thank you WINTER for the crackling sound of a fireplace on a chilly night.
Thank you VULNERABILITY for reinforcing that I’m not alone and that others are experiencing the same problems I am experiencing.
Thank you LOVER for kissing in the rain.
Thank you MUM for knowing just the right thing to say.
Thank you CONSCIOUSNESS for knowing I did the right thing.
Thank you RESPONSIBILITY for allowing me not to blame everyone for everything.
Thank you YOGA for reminding me of my divinity.
Thank you NOTHINGNESS for teaching me not to take anything for granted.
Thank you LIFE for all the beauty you give to me.