How To Get Decadent Crisp Linen

One of the greatest pleasures in life is opening up a linen cupboard to see the sheets and towels all crisp, organised and beautifully folded. Another simple luxury is sliding open a lingerie drawer or wardrobe door to find everything is folded with intent and mindfulness, and maybe there is a little stem of lavender perfectly placed near the garments – something so simple yet so uplifting.

It is these small things that bring beauty and joy to our lives. If you are anything like me, chances are you despise ironing. Since getting my new steam iron I have developed a new found love for something that once what was a mundane chore.

I now approach ironing as if I am Martha Stewart. I turn on some music, let myself get into the moment and then enjoy the ‘me’ time. As I mindfully spray my holistic starch I press the darts and creases with intent, bringing new life and crispness to each and every garment.

As I put the garments away, I run my hands over the fine threads that have been pressed to perfection. A beautiful life means doing household chores with mindfulness. A beautiful life is determined by how one looks at everyday situations and chores.

Someone that embraces the moment will look at the every mundane chore as magical, they hold a free-spirited philosophy and most importantly they appreciate and recognise the beauty within the moment. This type of life resonates with those who yearn to express their inherent spirituality in a joyous, meaningful manner; who sense their wild heart and who know there is beauty, magic, and meaning in the world (even in ironing).

Savouring the moment and the simple things in life is truly an enchanting path for those with poetry in their souls. Doing the household chores – like ironing – should be about weaving celebration, visualisation, and heart felt intent into your familiar practices. Choose to weave while appreciating the here and now, recognising the spirit inherent in every activity or chore. Interact with your surroundings magically, no matter how drab you perceive them to be. Choose to perceive every chore as an act of devotion.  

With commitment and awareness, your daily life can become an unfolding, ongoing spirit song.

How to make ironing a sacred ritual

  • Get a good steam iron.  
  • Get your clothes smelling divine by adding a few drops of essential oil to your wash.
  • Put on some music – I personally like the sounds of the ocean or Mozart when doing household chores.
  • Light some incense or your oil burner
  • Make your own starch. Add one tablespoon of corn-starch to spray bottle, fill with water and shake well until corn-starch is dissolved. If you like a heavier starch for shirt collars and cuffs, just add one teaspoon additional corn-starch to the water until you get the stiffness you desire. Shake before use and store in the refrigerator between ironing sessions. 
  • Have a dedicated space for ironing if possible – make sure you set it up clutter free with a hanging rack and some nice naturally weaved baskets.
  • Iron with precision, put creases in trousers, press and flatten darts and starch collars. Don’t forget to iron your pillowcases, sheets and doona covers.
  • Put clothes away in an organised and DE cluttered space – have a clean out if things are to cluttered
  • Hang handmade potpourri pouches in the closet, linen cupboard and draws.