Welcome to a new way of experiencing your life.

I would like to introduce you to the Simple Luxe Living Blog. My hope for this content is that it will offer you both inspiration and an understanding of ‘a new way of living’.

We all want to live meaningful,  however so many of us hit ‘life burn out’  by our thirties and become too overwhelmed, stressed or tired to take action on the things that really do matter.

It is my hope that Simple Luxe Living will offer you a sense of space to grow from; encouraging you to dedicate your everyday moments to higher living, where conscious living is paired with signature style.

Are you curious as to what living a simple luxe life looks like? If so, take a moment to sit back and savour this resource which offers my own personal definition and a peek into my own simple luxe life at Sugarloaf Cottage.

Restore your weary feminine soul by indulging in quality over quantity….find the things that ignite your spirit, cause your heart to skip a beat and make your soul sigh

The bespoke resources will encourage you to find inner peace and savour the ordinary. It is a blend of simple living, luxury and spirituality – all rolled into one. 

As you are led along the path of my version of the Simple Luxe Life, keep in mind that your own curation will be authentically your own, based on your own tastes and beliefs, however the core principles will be the same. With step-by-step guidance, tips, inspiration and bonus materials like free ebooks, audio recordings and video messages, the simple luxe way of life is designed to be a saunter through life – it’s a place where you can come and rest your weary  soul and leave a little more uplifted than when you arrived.

I personally welcome you to my definition of the good life – which is a harmonious blend of luxury, simplicity and spirituality.

With love + light



What Is The Simple Luxe Life

When I was younger I initially assumed that I had to live in France or Tuscany to live the simple luxe life. As I hit my mid-thirties I redefined luxury and  came to realise that luxury can be found in any situation or circumstance, I just had to choose to see it.

I came to realise that luxury wasn't in expensive things and in having  simply more, and by having these things certainly would not increase the quality of my life.

Less is certainly more when it comes to living the good life. It is about choosing quality over quantity, personal style over trends and ethical over mass produced.

Living the simple luxe life is about curating a life with mindfulness, savouring the everyday and  marinating in simple yet sacred daily rituals. It is about turning your life into a work of art – that is filled with love, passion and your own authenticity.

Whether it be found in personal rituals, cooking, gardening, art, yoga, beauty products, wine, food, fashion, travel, home decor, creativity, entertainment, spirituality, quiet time and so forth.

18 Elements Of The Simple Luxe Life

The good life is about living in balance and not doing everything to excess. It is a  saunter through the yearly seasons to help bring more substance to your life.  Below are some of the elements of what I personally believe to make up the good life or ‘The Simple Luxe Life”

Créez votre Chef d’oeuvre [A New Day, A New Chapter And New Beginning]: Everyday is a new chance to do things better.  It is an opportunity to start over and learn something new. You are given the gift to see another sunrise, to hear the birds sing to you, to feel the fresh air in your lungs, to make new friends and to forgive past hurts, to enjoy the smell of your morning coffee, to play in the ocean, to jump in a puddle, to grow older and wiser, to brighten someone else’s day, to love and to be hurt, to laugh and to experience, to do the things you love, to risk it all and to just simply live. Embrace the gift of today.

La Vie Simple [Simplify And De-clutter]: Our minds and our lives are filled with so much clutter. It's not good for our well-being, finances or the planet. Choose to simplify your life by always opting for quality over quantity. 

Décélérez et Savourez [Savour And Slow Down]: A slower-paced life means finding more space without the need to clutter it up. Space is considered an art form in Japan where the manipulation of space gives more depth and meaning to something. Space in our lives allows us to think, create, grow, to feel and to be.

Femme de beauté consciente [Become A Conscious Beauty]: What we choose to buy and apply to our skin can generate employment and economic stability for others. It also has the power to build a greener planet, heal unethical trade practices and bring about an abundance of health and wellbeing to ourselves.

Nothing more beautifully conveys our connection to ourselves and the world around us than how we choose to live and what we choose to buy and put on our skin. Why not join our free 30 Day Green Beauty Challenge.

Votre mode personelle [Create Your Signature Style]: Don't follow trends or others, instead embrace a style that resonates with you and makes you feel good.  Take the time to discover and curate your own sense of style. 

Amitié [Build Loving Relationships]: Humans are social creatures and our natural way of living for many years was always centred around living together in a village or group. Modern society has disconnected us from this, causing us to take on an "I" mentality instead of a "we" mentality. Seek out authentic and true connections with others and you will discover that life naturally develops more meaning.

Un travail satisfaisant [Discover Meaningful Work]: Seek out your purpose and find your own unique way to interact and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Votre sanctuaire [Create A Nurturing Sanctum]: Your home is a place where you retreat to renew and re-energise, therefore it should be created with mindfulness so that it uplifts you at all times.

Le Jardin [A Green Oasis]: Being surrounded by nature reconnects you to your own true nature and helps calm both the body and soul. You don’t need to have a big garden or live in a quiet rural village to reap the benefits of nature. You can bring nature to your home – no matter whether you live in a studio apartment in the heart of New York City or in a scenic rural country escape. Whether it is an inner city balcony garden, single pot garden, indoor plant or a sprawling country garden -they are all a remedy for the soul. 

Nourrir le corps and l’esprit [Nourish Your Body And Mind]: The body is a miracle machine, as it is constantly healing and renewing itself. Nourishing your body with good thoughts, healthy habits, movement and nourishing food will keep it strong and energised.

Just like you nourish your body, it is just as important to nourish your mind on a regular basis with inspiration, meditation, an open mind and knowledge.

Votre style de voyage [Travel With Style]: We are all explorers and born with an innate curiosity. Whether we are in our own backyards or sitting on a sun drenched beach on some exotic pacific paradise. What makes you wonder? What are you questioning? What’s new in your world? Choose to follow your curiosity and keep your eyes open to opportunities that come your way and you will be amazed at what you discover.

La créativité [Tap Into Your Creative Genius]: The human soul thrives off creativity and we are all born with a creative genius within us. Whether we are cooking, knitting, gardening, painting, writing and so forth – we are all connected to our own inner creative genius when we are doing creative things that bring us great joy.

L’indépendance financière [Become Financially Independent]: The simple living movement is huge at the moment, and with good reason. As a society we are realising that life is passing us by so fast, and as a result many of us are choosing to spend less money so that we have the freedom to work less.

More and more people are keen to remove the shackles of consumer debt so that they have the freedom to spend more time on the things that they love.

A l’écoute du monde [Tune In To The World]: A big part of living a life of substance is contributing to things outside yourself – whether it is volunteering within the community, living a more green and eco lifestyle or running a campaign to raise awareness for animal poaching. Learn to get in touch with how your life impacts the world around you - and find ways to leave more of a positive impact.

As consumers we have an obligation to be fully knowledgable on ‘where are products come from’. More and more companies are stepping up their manufacturing processes and are choosing to be honest and  transparent about their policies. Our shopping choices are the perfect opportunity to vote with our wallets. Choose to support companies doing the right thing by our health, planet and the well-being of all beings.

Des Simples Plaisirs [Decadent Rituals And Simple Luxuries]: We don’t need to seek out extra-ordinary things and moments. Peace and contentment can be found in the everyday chores, routines, things and daily rituals. We need to jump off that train of always striving for something, and instead learn how to romance the ordinary. There is so much beauty to be found in the ordinary – you just have to open up your heart and eyes.

A l’écoute de sois-même [In-tune With Yourself]: In todays chaotic world it can be extremely easy to become unbalanced and loose our sense of perspective.  Empower yourself by getting in-tune with yourself through meditation, yoga, stillness, self-reflection and living with mindfulness and self-awareness.

Unearth your Je Ne Sais Quoi [Authenticity]: Don’t follow trends, instead, choose to invest your time, energy and money in things that you find authentically beautiful. Do things that matter to you. Drop the need to fit in with society norms and listen to the whispers of your own soul. Curate your own version of ‘luxe style’. 

Qui est calm [Find Your State Of Calm]: Live more zen and connect with your state of calm. Serious students of Zen spend many years in rigorous training in monasteries. However, it is possible to take the important elements of Zen and apply them to our own everyday within the modern world.


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