“A scarf is more than just an accessory; it has the power to transport your style to another time or place.” …Lauren Friedman

Like the little black dress or black jacket; beautiful scarves are a timeless fashion accessory that embody elegance, personal style, art and the old world charm and magic of Paris back in the 1950's

If you read my blog post My Favourite 6 Ways To Tie A Scarf you would know that I am a lover of scarves. Every time I go on holidays I seek out the local art collective and look for a new scarf. I also love searching for scarves at the second hand shop, op shop as well as supporting local artists who print scarves onto original natural fabrics.

What I love about scarves is that you can style each scarf in a myriad of ways. Whether you’re wearing a scoop, square neck, or even going strapless, there’s a bow, a drape, or a knot for the occasion. You can even turn your scarf into a headband, a shawl, or a clutch. 

At the moment I am binging on everything that Lauren Friedman is painting and writing, and I wanted to share her work with you 50 Ways To Wear A Scarf, coupled with telling the story of scarves and how they speak to us personally and uniquely through all the changing seasons of our life.

The Language Of Scarves: 50 Ways To Wear A ScarfThe Language Of Scarves: 50 Ways To Wear A ScarfThe Language Of Scarves: 50 Ways To Wear A Scarf

50 Ways To Wear A Scarf: This charming little book shows 50 different ways to wear a scarf. From the Capri to the Paris, the Top Down, the Necklace and the Clutch, there are creative scarf styles here for any occasion and mood. Jaunty illustrations from fashion illustrator Lauren Friedman break down the steps for each style and give this darling book a must-have gift quality. You can learn more about Lauren and the books she has created here >>>

“A scarf is the last flourish, the exclamation point to the daily narrative of getting dressed..." - Lauren Friedman 

Lauren even illustrates how to store scarves using the scarf hanger [picture above] from IKEA.


Ways To Wear A Scarf: Inspired By The Book 50 Ways To Wear A Scarf

how to tie a scarf