Hello beautiful soul. Today I was called to share with you the simple mindfulness practice of energetic realignment. This practice invites you to take the time daily to tune into your own energy and emotions, a practice that can be done anywhere and anytime, a practice that will protect you from emotional imbalances and negative energetic shifts.

I have also recorded an energetic re-alignment meditation to go along with these energetic rituals and practices. 


If you are reading this – there is a high chance that you are a highly self-aware person -someone who takes the time to self-reflect, learn, and expand. The more we open ourselves up to energetic expansion the more space we create within to fill our entire being up with light, resilience and unconditional love.  

The more we are willing to expand ourselves the higher our energetic vibration becomes - and whilst this brings lots of positive things like manifestations, high energy, high immune system, empathy, positive emotions, and resilience – we also become a beacon of energy that attunes to all the energetic vibrations around us – this being both the negative and positive vibrations.

If you have ever felt extremely emotional, tired, unmotivated or have physical pain in the body for no reason at all – then there is a high chance you are absorbing the negative, dense, and even dark energy from others and not taking the time to cleanse and clear out the negative vibrations that have attached within your body.

When we pick up other people’s negative energy and don’t cleanse it - it can cause us to get sick, have pain in the body, think negative thoughts, have irrational emotions, behave in unusual ways, and even talk in ways that are not normal for ourselves. We literally start projecting the negative energy – as this is the bodies way of processing and clearing it out if we have not adopted a regular energic cleansing ritual.

I personally found myself over the last week acting out of sorts and speaking and thinking in ways that where deeply out of alignment to my true character. Last night I realised I had not done an energetic cleanse in a few weeks. I did one last night and woke up feeling finally myself again – and grounded back into my true state of being. I was called to share this today with you and it is my hope that this small mindfulness practice acts as a reminder for you to do daily energetic check-ins with yourself and the importance of taking the time to do regular cleanses of your energetic body.

Energy attaches to us in many ways –– and your energetic body is attuned to all frequencies and has the power to tell you exactly what is going on in any given moment – but for most of us we are lost in our own mind and ego that we are not aware when external energies attach to us until they multiply and grow more intense with time

The energy that attaches to us comes to us in many ways. How many times have you gone somewhere – whether that is a certain place or someone’s home only to feel your energy become a little more dense and heavier? Our body will pick up and absorb the energy of places and spaces.

Energetically we can pick up on external toxic situations, intentions, pain, illness, unhealed emotions, triggers, and dense karmic patterns of the people around us. We can also pick up on negative energies from afar – which is why many people, including myself no longer choose to engage with and listen to negative news, media, conversations, music, or gossip.

Also, at times people with a strong presence can shift or drain our energy with their voice, body language, communication style, or relationship dynamic.

And probably the most intense of all is when we have people and situations in our lives that are emotionally unbalanced, or heavily co-dependant on us, have unhealed wounding, negative projections towards us or themselves, are selfish and self-entitled or have negative intentions towards us personally.

Obviously as self-aware people we want to show up for other people with empathy and compassion, and we want to be there for other people going through tough times  - so we can’t shut ourselves off completely – however we can become more mindful of what we are attuned to, set healthy boundaries and learn to recognise our own emotional baseline and know when it is time to retreat and purify.

The more you attune to your own energetic frequency and do the work to purify and raise your vibration - the more you are able to process a greater depth of information – both seen and unseen in the world around you.

Holding a high energetic vibration also increases your emotional awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy and gives you a greater awareness of the vibration of energy surrounding you.

On the flip side this can unfortunately cause you to become overstimulated easily in noisy, crowded, or erratic situations. It can also allow you to pick up on the negative, dense or dark intentions of others.

The truth is that as a high vibrational beacon of energy, we can often feel when things are off. Most of us disregard it as an overactive imagination. However, if something just pops in your head randomly– learn to take note of it as this is your intuition and survival instinct telling you to proceed with caution. Sometimes this is triggered from a past trauma and there is nothing to worry about – however there are many times where you can look back in hindsight and acknowledge that you ignored the red flags and warning signs.

There are many rituals and energetic cleansing practices you can implement into your daily life that will purify, ground, and help you take back your power and protect you from energetic sabotage.


Daily Energetic Cleansing Practices + Rituals To Realign Your Energetic Body And Come Back Into Wholeness And Balance

Create healthy boundaries.

    When taking care of your own energy – it isn’t about turning off completely from others or the world around you – but being more mindful of how the situation, person or conversation makes you feel – and being able to identify what emotions within don’t belong to you.


    Establish your emotional baseline.

      When you’re in your own space, try checking in with how you feel and tuning into your own baseline. Self-awareness will help you differentiate between what’s yours and what’s not.

      Get in the habit of tuning into how your baseline changes with certain people, places, and situations. Are you more agitated, sad, or anxious? These can all be signs that you’re picking up on external energies. Determine what’s yours by asking yourself Is this feeling mine, or someone else’s?

      If the emotion is yours, then process your feelings. If it’s not your emotion, then you can let it go, simply by stating to yourself: This isn’t mine. I don’t have to take this on. I release this emotion now.


      Pink bubble visualisation

        When dealing with situations that feel negative or draining visualise yourself being surrounded by a pink bubble. This is your protective wall where external negative energies cannot permeate through the walls of the pink bubble.


        Embrace Mindfulness.

        Do your best to breath and bring your awareness into the present moment. Focusing on the breath is a great tool to anchor you into the present moment.


          Connect to stillness.

          Spend 10-15 minutes each morning or evening doing a meditation to ground back into yourself and your energy. Don’t forget to listen to part 2 of this recording and join me for a energy rebalance meditation.


            Practice 15-20 minutes of yoga daily.

            Mindful movement and body alignment opens the energetic Chakras and nadis within the body – inviting the body to process, move and eliminate stagnant emotions stored within the body.


              Choose slow

              Protect your energy by actively choosing to adopt a slower living lifestyle. Go from all the doing to more states of being. Learn to focus on and savour the small and simple things in life rather than trying to constantly strive and never arrive.


                Calm your energy by decluttering and minimalising your space.

                All our stuff holds energy – so only hold on to stuff that feels energetically good. Disorganisation and clutter holds negative energy. Stuff made of toxic ingredients or with unethical practices holds negative energy. Having stuff to look a certain way or portray a certain image holds a negative energy. Take time to tune in to your stuff, organise it, minimalise it and get rid of everything that holds no energetic value for you.


                  Listen to music that grounds you.

                  When I need grounding I personally listen to yoga or meditation music and chants. However instrumental or nature sounds can be great also.


                    Cleanse with the mind, body, and soul with water.

                    Take warm Epsom salt baths where you can. Swim in natural waters like the beach, rivers, lakes, and creeks. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas throughout the day. Purify with a shower.


                      Purify with smoke and botanicals

                      Burn essential oils, incense, sage, or Palo Santo – this helps purify and cleanse the energy around you. Do a smoking ceremony using dried local herbs from your area.


                        Energetically balance your home

                        Place indoor plants, crystals, and salt lamps around your home to help absorb and transmute negative energies. Hang dreamcatchers and open up windows to invite your home to breathe


                          Spend time in nature to recalibrate your senses.

                          Take a walk-in a nearby park, spend some time watching the birds or lay on the grass under a tree.  


                            Make time for self-care.

                            Find a quiet place to retreat and process your experience, try journaling about your emotions, burning candles or taking a warm shower or bath to reset.


                              Thanks for reading and don't forget to join me for the meditation. May you live your life ease and grace. Namaste. Claire