French Inspired Living: Luxe Living Tips From The French

There is something about the French that is so irresistable. Just looking at them, they seem to really enjoy the full experience of life.  Here are some ways you can infuse a little French and luxury into your day.

Do everything you can to ensure great skin. Exfoliate at least twice a week using a natural bristle face and body brush. Moisturise with natural products. Drink 3 litres of water a day. Eat a diet high in plants. Reduce your stress with meditation and yoga.

Don’t look too overdone. As a whole, French women go for a more natural and sophisticated beauty. Try a light bronzer, mascara, a little blush and a good lip gloss for every day. 

Define your eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the face so it is crucial that they always look shaped and coloured. Read my tips on how to define your eyebrows.

Comfort is important, go for casual elegance. Wear a comfortable pair of skinny black pants and a cute pair of flats. Or a comfy organic cotton dress. French women usually accessorize with little pieces that make large statements. A cute scarf, nice brooch. etc.

Be a little mysterious. Don’t tell your life story to people you hardly know. Exercise a little restraint. Guard your personal life as if it is a crown jewel! Keep things private for only your loved ones and close friends. A little mystery is attractive!

Walk everywhere! Your waist and thighs will thank you a million times over. It’s not necessary to sweat it out in a gym every day if your daily life includes one of the best exercises in the world! Step outside, breath in the fresh air and embrace your surroundings.

Savour your food. Eat slowly and enjoy the experience.

Always be polite. Be kind and well-mannered. But don’t confuse being polite with being a people-pleaser. Do what’s right for you. Live your own life, and be happy! Happy is sexy!

Buy few clothes, but higher quality items. You will look elegant when you wear clothes that are well-made and tailored to your body shape. Avoid fast-fashion at all cost. Read my article over at my blog about the negative effect of fast fashion.

Enjoy homemade bread with a little homemade jam on the weekends. This is my favourite indulgence, keep a healthy diet through the week and enjoy your favourite indulgences on the weekend. Its even better when you have grown the fruit for your jam yourself and baked your own bread.

Cook with fresh seasonal produce. Not only is it fresher it is also cheaper. Your kitchen and cooking will come alive with the freshness.

Create your own signature style. Find a style that flatters your figure and fits in with your lifestyle. Don’t follow trends, follow your own heart and instinct. Think about what you love? Take a moment to reflect on your favourite style icons.

Savour culture. Infuse your life and home with culture. Visit art museums, learn about certain traditions and customs, and take a worldly view on the world. When you travel somewhere try and bring a little culture back into your home with a painting, ceramic bowl or locally handmade scarf.

Invest in luxurious lingerie. When you wear lovely lingerie you feel fabulous, this will positively affect your life in every way possible.

Expand your cultural creative awareness. Stay abreast of the arts – new museum exhibits, films, books, lectures, recitals, plays, etc.

Create luxurious rituals. Create daily/weekly/monthly rituals that bring pleasure into your life. Maybe it is a lavender bath before bed or reading a positive book before work.

Eat for health, wellbeing and beauty. Eat real food, not processed food. Eat to nourish and enjoy. Eat for quality and flavour.

Shop local. Visit local outlets and farmer’s markets. Treasure hunt – visit your local flea markets, consignment boutiques and yard sales.

Wear more scarves. Invest in a simple wardrobe and dress it up with scarves. Scarves somehow have the magic to transform your mood from dull to alive.

Wear ballet flats. Purchase quality ballet flats for every occasion – this was one of Coco Chanel’s favourites. One of my favourite vegan brands is Matt + Nat from Montreal [they deliver world-wide].

Discover your signature scent. You will feel more feminine and people will associate you with a certain scent. It is a beautiful reminder. Try and stay away from perfumes that are filled with synthetic fragrances as they are toxic to your health on more ways than you can imagine. Go for a botanic and natural perfume.

Always look presentable. All the more reason to create a quality wardrobe and a simple beauty regimen. Knowing you look beautiful will positively affect your mood which always makes for a better day no matter what is in store.

Wear red lipstick or red lip-gloss. Somehow it has the power to transform and uplift your mood. Be chic and always choose natural and cruelty free.

Look after your hair. Beautiful glossy hair represents health and beauty. Get a simple style that looks natural and flatters your skin tone and face shape. Invest in a quality blow-dry every now and then. Read my tips on nourishing hair the natural way.

Visit your local bakery. On the weekends purchase a baguette fresh in the morning. Enjoy the early morning walk or bike ride to the patisserie. It is a great way to welcome the new day.

Keep less food in your refrigerator and shop more often for fresh food. This preserves the freshness and vitamins of your food, stops any food wastage and it is an excuse to take a walk to the local market.

Drink red wine on the weekends. Rich in antioxidants, simply enjoy it in moderation. Make sure you opt for an organic and vegan variety to prevent any headaches and mind fog the next day.

Enjoy the luxurious things in life. Buy less, so you can purchase quality items and experiences.

Visit a cafe. Go by yourself, savour the ambience, and bring a newspaper, book or the latest issue of your favourite magazine. Bring your laptop and read your favourite blog. Sip on your latte or chai tea and loose track of time.

Wear a blazer! Choose classic colours to begin with and discover more outfits with the clothes you already have. Pair it with jeans, leggings or over the top of a flowing dress.

Bring in the Breton. Breton stripes (nautical look) are oh so French. They are timeless and ever so elegant. Go the classic French look with a Breton striped shirt, blazer, good fitting jeans and a pair of ballet flats.

Black, white, navy and red . . . these are some staple French colours for your wardrobe.