Our Mission

A Peaceful Mind. A Peaceful Body. A Peaceful Soul

The mission of Botanical trader is to use natural ingredients direct from nature to evoke a slower and more intentional life. Connecting with daily rituals that promote self-care and slow down the pace of life so that we come back to that place where life is a little more simpler.

“The first step in crafting a life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” — Joshua Becker

Every day, more stuff comes into our lives: stuff in our houses, stuff on our calendars, stuff on our minds and stuff in our email inbox. Over time all that stuff gets heavy and causes us stress, overwhelm, anxiety, fatigue, burnout and even eventually disease. Excess stuff gets in the way of what truly matters, who we authentically are and clutters up the path we are trying to walk. 

Botanical Trader is my creative outlet for everything I love - nature, animals, yoga, meditation, self-care rituals, gardening and the simple luxuries of life. It is my expression of the "good life", acting as a reminder of what matters most, bringing me back to that place where life was simpler.

Christmas holidays spent holding hands with my Grandma Jessie, dressed in our Sunday best as we excitedly boarded the train to visit Melbourne's Myer Christmas window. Summer afternoons sitting under the shade of a mango tree sipping on icy pineapple juice or weekends spent swimming in the Pacific ocean at Fingal Beach. Or Rosy cheeked and sun-kissed after a day  spent digging in my garden, and those moments of feeling serene and deeply peaceful after gifting myself with a weekend yoga and wellness retreat. 

Did you spend your childhood summers playing barefoot outside all day, chasing the end of the rainbow and looking for falling stars at night?

Or maybe you get joy remembering the times you gave yourself permission to slow down and truly look after yourself by taking a warm bath, reading a good book or taking that soulful relaxing weekend getaway

These memories we cherish sustain us. It is my hope that Botanical Trader will invoke those special memories for you. Bring you back to a time when life was more simple.

Whether that is spending holidays with Grandma baking Christmas pudding,  sipping ice-cold pineapple juice to cool off from the summer heat, swimming in the ocean, taking a lavender epsom bath, or making a mulberry pie from the fruit tree in the backyard.

I hope that Botanical Trader brings you as much joy as it brings me creating it.

Thank you for supporting my small Australian business. You can learn everything about what I do and why I do it below.

With Gratitude

Claire Charters




Sugarloaf Cottage Wildlife Rehabilitation + Orphanage

Sugarloaf Cottage is our HQ for Botanical Trader. We have spent over $60k on two wombat soft-release enclosures. We also part-take in the Koala monitoring program and are working hard to raise enough money to build a kangaroo soft-release pen and a Bush Baby nursery

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Positive IMPACT Project

Some of the initiatives Botanical Trader support are born and bred at Sugarloaf. The goal of The Positive IMPACT Project is to find a balanced approach and formula towards consumerism, communities, conservation, people and our animal friends that will leave a positive impact on the world we live in.

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Our HQ - Sugarloaf Cottage

Sugarloaf Cottage is the HQ for Botanical Trader and Sugarloaf Eco Wilderness Retreat [coming soon]. Nestled in its own private valley at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains Australia, the 130-acre property is home to a diverse and abundant population of Australian flora and fauna.

Many of the ingredients found in Botanical Trader are grown in the organic gardens or wild-crafted from the property.

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Tree Planting Program

We are on a mission to restore ecosystems and natural habitats, so we plant a tree for every sale we receive. We partner with local communities and partner organisations to restore native trees to landscapes across Australia. This small yet positive impact has the power to bring beauty, balance and harmony to the natural world for years to come.

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Contribution + Giving Back

At Botanical Trader, we believe there is only one way to do business and that is to give more than we take. We believe in ethics over profits and are passionate about weaving contribution into our business model.

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Meet Claire

Claire Charters is the creative director and founder of Botanical Trader

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Our Commitment + Values

We take our commitment to you, the planet and our animal friends very seriously.

In this modern era where profits come before well-being, companies are taking the easier and cheaper approach.

Our philosophy at BT is grounded in promoting green beauty products and lifestyle choices that contribute to a more kinder, healthier and greener planet.

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Simple Luxe Living

Less is certainly more when it comes to living the good life. It is about choosing quality over quantity, personal style over trends and ethical over mass produced.

Living the simple luxe life is about curating a life with mindfulness, savouring the everyday and  marinating in simple yet sacred daily rituals. It is about turning your life into a work of art – that is filled with love, passion and your own authenticity.


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